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Top Trends in Cabinet Design for Modern Homes

While some homeowners are happy having a retro theme, many attempt to give their property a modern feel. Adding a few contemporary touches to a redesigned kitchen can give it an upscale appearance, and for many designers, it starts with the cabinets. Some change the cabinets entirely, while others swap cabinet fronts for a new look. Either way, knowing how to choose these top trends in cabinet design can transform a home, giving it a modern look and creating a cozy space to enjoy.

Rely on Man-Made Materials

Homeowners have relied on stunning cherries, maples, walnuts, and other prized hardwoods for their cabinets for decades. Today, natural materials aren’t required to create a gorgeous kitchen. Manufactured materials are often one of the first changes that modern designers make. Investing in carefully manufactured uniform panels makes it possible to achieve a clean look that gives the space modern lines. A reliance on laminates, glass, metal, and other materials carefully produced for a more industrial look immediately transforms a kitchen space, giving it a more modern look. 

Modern Cabinets Blend Multiple Materials

While cabinets were once crafted almost entirely from hardwood, today, cabinets usually blend multiple materials. Bringing together laminates, glass, metal, and some wood or veneer creates a look that isn’t possible when using a single material. While it isn’t necessary, using kitchen cabinets that combine a few different materials can give you a unique kitchen that will only look dated. Today, designers are fearless about using multiple colors or a few other cabinet types in the same kitchen. When coordinated carefully, a bit of chaos gives a kitchen a unique appearance that differentiates it from traditional kitchen styles. 

Add a Splash of Color

When choosing kitchen cabinet colors, it’s essential to consider how the colors will coordinate with the flooring, the countertops, the appliances, and everything else in the space. A kitchen that appears to match perfectly is often one of the first signs of a more traditional design. For homeowners looking to create a modern space, it helps to add a splash of color to the design. Consider adding a colorful accent wall or changing the color of the cabinet uppers, so they are brighter than the lower ones. There is no reason to match every part of the kitchen exactly, and accident colors create a bold style that nobody will soon forget. 

Less is More: Use Flat Panels

Old cabinets rely on trim and intricate details to create an ornamental beauty that traditional kitchens are known for. Modern kitchens focus on minimal flat surfaces. It’s better to have broad, flat panels in the European frameless design. Frameless cabinets look clean and aren’t used in traditional kitchen designs. Frameless cabinets are also simple to clean, and they accept more modern textures and patterns that would be unwelcome in a classic kitchen. 

To take the flat minimalist design a step further, consider adding some cabinets with hidden handles for an all-flat look. Some designers match the cabinet handles with the cabinet color to make them blend in and seemingly disappear to achieve a similar result to recessed handles. 

Minimalist Cabinets Paired with Open Shelving

Today’s common trend in many kitchens is a mixture of closed European-style cabinets with open shelves. Designers achieve beautiful results by pairing natural wood grain shelving with neutral-toned European-style flat panel cabinets. When used sparingly, the shelves serve as an accent that doesn’t date the kitchen. 

Some homeowners use different variations of this concept by installing a few cabinets with glass faces to create an open look. It’s also common to add wine racks into the kitchen cabinet configuration to create a modern accent that’s both functional and sophisticated. 

Invest in Brilliant Underlighting

No kitchen redesign is complete without warm LED underlighting on the lower surfaces of the kitchen cabinets. Add lights under the upper cabinets in the kitchen to add light to the space, and consider adding lights to shelves for a luxurious accent that will make your kitchen look like a showroom. 

Consider Bold Patterns

Patterns are almost always a mistake when designing a traditional kitchen. Modern cabinets sometimes have a brushed metal pattern that makes them edgy. Some homeowners also experiment with marble or stone textures, which can work on wide flat-panel cabinets. 

Designing a modern kitchen can seem challenging, and many homeowners worry about blending the different elements well. The trick to successfully creating a bold space is adding a single bold element and using minimalist designs throughout the space. Designers can change the entire feel of a kitchen based on their cabinet selections, and when the right color and style are selected, the space will undoubtedly look modern and stylish. 

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