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8 Things to do Before Moving Into Your New Place

Moving is one of the most stressful tasks in a person’s life. It is no surprise that most people tend to procrastinate when it comes to packing up and moving out of their old place. It is stressful to deal with all the packing, organizing, cleaning, and other tasks that must be performed before getting into one’s new place. Fortunately, some things can be done before the big move to make the moving day much smoother. They will ensure the move goes smoothly and the new home is ready for the new occupant.

1. Talk to Your Family and Friends

Talking with people who have moved into their new homes can be useful. They will provide valuable insight into the various challenges that might occur when moving. Friends, especially those who are moving to the same place as you, can give good advice about local stores and services that are convenient or less expensive than in your current location. They can also give good tips on how to avoid major household expenses such as water and electric bills.

2. Choose a Reliable Moving Company

Finding a reliable moving company is essential to ensuring your new place is ready for you when you move. A good moving company will ensure that no property is damaged during the move and that everything arrives at the new place in one piece. Some companies even offer services to help people settle into their new homes.

3. Organize Your Stuff

Just before the actual moving day, go through your whole house and sort out the items you will need for your new place—separate clothing, furniture, and appliances into piles that are easy to carry. Please take photos of all the furniture so they can easily be put back in place when you arrive.

4. Call Utilities to Ensure Services

One of the first things you must do in your new place calls all the necessary utilities, including internet service and television providers. Some companies have different procedures for changing a residence, so be sure to find out what needs to be done before doing anything else. Changing a phone number or opening a mailbox at the new place should also be done before the actual moving day.

5. Use a Movers Calendar

A moving calendar can help you track everything that needs to be done before the actual moving day. It will be useful for marking down when utilities are being moved and when certain tasks must be performed. It can also be used to indicate the names of people who are helping with the move. A calendar will ensure that all necessary tasks are finished in time so that more time is reserved for relaxing and enjoying one’s new place.

6. Clean up Before Moving Out

You are clearing out all the junk you have been saving since your last move can be tedious. Refrain from getting sidetracked by anything that does not require moving. For extremely small items, such as toys and other small items, it is better to ensure you have taken some pictures before packing them away.

7. Know About the Neighborhood

The neighbourhood that you move into should be safe and friendly. Ask your family and friends about the community where you will be moving. Speak with the people there about the best places to shop and eat in town. Also, walk around your new neighbourhood to see what it is like. It can be done before the actual moving day to understand better which places to avoid.

8. Legally Obtain the Necessary Permits

Before moving, certain tasks must be completed to move into your new place legally. They include changing the name and address on your car registration, cancelling existing memberships and applying for new ones, getting a new driver’s license, updating your voter registration card, and changing the mailing address for utility services.


Moving is not a pleasant process. It can be stressful as one thinks about everything that needs to be done before the actual move. Having a list of things to do beforehand can help ensure that everything is ready by the moving day and that there is more time for settling into a new home.

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