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7 Things To Consider For Choosing the Best Wedding Banquet Hall

Planning an event whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate meeting, or any other family reunion starts with finding a perfect venue for gathering and commemorating the occasion. Between tons of wedding preparations, you have to filter the wedding space with a lot of research and consideration. You can relinquish the cake, ditch the gifts, and even wear a costume instead of a dress once, but can never forego the venue. Everything starts from the event date, decoration, wedding theme, catering, and guest experience based on the venue type, location, and space you choose. In fact, your venue or banquet hall ultimately sets the tone of the entire wedding or event including treating your attendees as they walk through the door. 

Your wedding is the most intangible moment in your life and you want it to be designed perfectly without disappointing anyone. Even, all your friends and relatives also feel very excited to be a part of your big day. So, it can’t be with the dull interiors, inadequate space, and poor services. Your banquet hall must be spacious and have excellent services and a beautiful interior to make your event a full-fledged success. Apart from the venue’s size, location and price, there are dozens of factors that should be considered while selecting the perfect wedding venue. Here are 10 tips that would help you in making a stress-free plan including what to consider and how to choose a better wedding banquet hall.

  1. Evaluate the location

Ignoring the location is the most common mistake that many of us do. Location is an essential aspect that should be properly studied before finalizing the venue to host your wedding. It should be better to check various wedding service providers who offer different venues such as banquet halls, hotels, and restaurants with the best location and services. Your guests are the most important factor that may solely affect the venue’s location. So, while choosing any space always keep in mind it should be easily accessible and reachable by them. For a local wedding, choose a banquet hall nearby posh areas of the town so that all your attendees may reach you easily. If your guests are from out of town then it should be better to select near the airport or station. Apart from this, it should also have ample parking space and can be easily traced via GPS to make your guests feel confident, thus assuring their presence at the event. 

  1. Capacity Or Venue Size

The location and size of the venue are simultaneously considered as both are decided based on your guests. A too-small hall will cramp your guests and similarly, a too-spacious hall will make your party look scattered and even can cut down with the right use of decoration and furnishings. So, finalize the venue according to your guest list and the number of attendees at the event. Also, make a room for some surprise guests and for their free movement that they may need for a DJ, dance, buffet, or free walk. Your banquet hall must be flexible and best suit the size of your party. Make sure your banquet hall abides by the fire and safety codes.

  1. Define your Budget

The budget is the most crucial element and starting point that defines your wedding venue. Deciding the budget early avoids extravagant expenses and helps you keep things as per your plan. Budgeting is all about allotting an approximate amount to each element of the event. Once you know the exact amount to be spent on various intricate elements like banquet hall, catering, decoration, photography, and lodging, it becomes quite easy to decide the location for the wedding. So, map out the elements, list a budget, check online offers or the best packages available in the wedding venues, and then choose the best banquet hall within your budget. Also, keep extra bugs aside in case your budget exceeds. So, an estimated budget is required to start with deciding on the banquet halls in Gurgaon.

  1. Decide on the theme of your wedding

Another important factor that impacts the selection process of a wedding venue is the type of wedding you want to arrange. You must have a clear vision for your wedding as it leads to the decorations and further arrangements. Your wedding theme may be modern traditional, royal, rustic, or fusion depending on your choice. Well, a traditional theme including a mystic backdrop, idols, and flowers requires a venue that blends with the style and ambiance. A royal-based theme wedding is more glamorous that needs special arrangements like chandeliers, arts and crafts, candles, folk dancers, Mannequins, and artifacts to make the venue just like the Regal Ambiance. Whereas flower theme wedding needs simplicity and charm with flowy curtains, embellishments, and mirrors. It’s better to plan in advance with your planner about the concept of your wedding as your banquet hall can be transformed into almost anything except your vision that still has to adopt. 

  1. Evaluate the Facilities and Amenities

The banquet halls provide various basic and luxurious facilities and amenities to make your day special and unforgettable. Go through the list and ensure that you would have offered all the required amenities and if some of them are not on the list, ask to provide these also or hire from outside. You can online ask for a quote of the wedding venue that includes price, menu, amenities, locations, and pictures to save time and energy. There is a checklist of the basic amenities:

  • Basic furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs, and linens saves your money.
  • Catering services and quality unconventional food choices that include multi-cuisine such as Indian, Chinese, Continental, Mughlai, and Italian. Sumptuous sweets, customized decorated fruit corners, drinks, and cocktails (on demand) can also be arranged. It’s better if the venue has its own kitchen as it would save your facility fee otherwise ask them to allow for outside food.
  • setup/clean-up crew as most venues don’t provide this and thus you have to find volunteers and built your own event team.
  • Other amenities like basic decoration, restrooms, waiting room, valet parking, audio/visual equipment, DJ, free WI-FI, charging stations, make-up and tattoo artist, and more. 
  • Safety measures such as First aid, fire safety, CCTV cameras, and emergency services including power backup must be available in the venue. So, can be at peace of mind.
  • Additional services like a photo booth, folk dancer, mehndi, magic show, cocktail corner, or more will be ice on the cake.
  1. Check for backup plans

Backup plans make your event better by efficiently handling unexpected things. There may be small or big challenges like an unexpected increase in the number of guests, extra parking, food or even additional rooms arising during the event. The venue should be capable of efficiently handling these situations and making proper arrangements at the moment. 

  1. Checking Venue Availability & Earlier Booking

After considering all the points, now check the availability of the selected banquet hall on your chosen wedding date. Keep in mind that once you finalized the ballroom, without wasting a single moment book the hall in advance by depositing the rental amount so you don’t miss out on it. Try to book the hall six months before the wedding as an earlier booking often provides you with the best offers and discounts. The last-minute bookings might lose the great deals and even the availability of the banquet hall. 

Keep all these things in mind and you would have a perfect banquet hall around the corner. So, get ready and start to search the banquet halls in Noida for a memorable wedding.