The Top 5 Twitter Tips & Tricks

The Top 5 Twitter Tips & Tricks

Twitter is much more than the 140-character limit for each tweet. Learning the best techniques for improving your profile can result in more followers, engagement, and the results you require to grow and thrive. Continue reading this post for tips like how to turn on twitter dark mode and more. 

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Twitter’s infrastructure for posting pictures and photos has improved in recent years. With new picture collages in live streams and a bigger background header image, make sure you’re making the most of every pixel.

  • Profile picture

Don’t just use the default image as your identifying image. Select a profile image that reflects your brand. Brand recognition can be increased by using a logo, a photo of yourself, a character, or a graphic that highlights your company’s name. Even though it appears to be 200 by 200 pixels, these photos should be 400 by 400 pixels.

  • Background image

Twitter introduced new proportions for its background header image early this year. The company suggests 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high as the optimal size for your picture, but you can experiment with other design specifications to discover the best size for your image. As with many other headers, there will be an invisible section, so keep that in mind while laying up your background image. You can select a single image, create a collage, or create an image that integrates your brand and goods. Highlight your abilities or a specific product you offer that would be most appealing to your audience.

  • Tweets with images

According to a survey of over two million tweets, a tweet including a photo increase retweets by 35%. Twitter photos in-stream have a maximum expanded appearance of 1024 pixels by 220 pixels and a minimum of 440 pixels by 220 pixels. When the photos in the stream are collapsed, they appear at 506 by 253 pixels. The file size limit is five megabytes. Images in the photo stream should be visually appealing. Whether the images are funny, sad, motivational, scary, or cute, they should appeal to the emotions of your followers. A generic photo, an unfocused or busy shot, or a low-resolution photo will almost certainly harm your posts. Consider the photos that your fans are retweeting and create content that is similar to them.

2. Make your words count

Sure, photos are becoming vital components of a successful Twitter content marketing strategy, but so are the words that accompany them. Twitter has three options for getting your message out there: your biography, tweets that enhance interaction, and tweets that direct answers. Focus on tweeting at least once each day; four to five tweets per day is an excellent target.

  • Twitter bio

You have 160 characters to tell the world about your business. Use as many as you can while keeping your sentences short and detailed. If you’re using Twitter for business, describe your company’s areas of expertise using keywords related to your industry. Include links to your website, blog, and social media accounts. All at the same, let your personality shine through.

  • Boost engagement

If you want to engage with your followers, incorporate content that your fans are more inclined to retweet in your company’s posts. The most retweeted tweets are those that are hilarious, newsworthy, or inspiring – information that affects your followers’ emotions. Initiate a discussion by asking a question or playing a caption-that-image game. Keep up with trends and news, and include or start a conversation about them.

3. Don’t get lost in the crowd

Twitter provides several ways to stand out: sponsored tweets and Twitter search are great tools for keeping track of your tweets and branding.

  • Look for help

A competent marketing company with a Twitter division can help you make the most of your investment. Your time and money are valuable, and you must ensure that the ROI is worthwhile. Small companies with limited staff resources can get help optimizing their Twitter presence, managing their profiles, and attracting new followers. Use a company’s knowledge and tried-and-true Twitter strategies to boost your business and brand.

Search for your brand

You can schedule a frequent search for your most important terms. This will help you in finding brand mentions so that you can monitor what is being said about your company. You’ll also be able to react to and communicate with followers who comment on you or your industry.

4. Be a leader and a follower

  • Find the influencers in your industry

Enter a few terms from your industry into Twitter search to locate industry leaders. You can observe and learn from everyone from prospects and customers to media and marketing experts. Take their lead. Consider following Twitter marketing companies as well. @WPamplify often releases articles about growing traffic, developing content, and achieving results. Investigate their most popular tweets and engage with them on a daily basis. Create a private Twitter list for them, including their usernames, and get to know them. Reply to their tweets with relevant responses, and link to your post if it is relevant. Relationships are still the foundation for long-term business growth; leverage Twitter’s large user base to build yours.

  • Create high-quality content

The more useful and entertaining the information you tweet, the more likely you are to gain qualified followers. Invite your followers to retweet or tag influencers and friends in your tweets as you post them. You have the option of tagging up to ten people. Retweet your followers’ tweets, retweet tweets from people you follow, and respond to followers who interact with you – whether publicly or privately via a direct message.

5. Twitter behind the scenes

  • Twitter Analytics

The Twitter Analytics dashboard provides you with a 28-day summary of activity and interaction on your page. This snapshot displays your top tweet, mention, follower, card tweet, and media tweet, as well as the amount of impressions, new followers, tweets linked to you, and profile visits. Analytics will provide you with an overview of your followers, their buying habits, popular keywords, and how they find you (mobile vs. desktop, Apple vs. Android).

  • Hidden features

Twitter includes a few hidden features that might help you have a better experience. By clicking the three ellipses next to the favorites star and selecting pin to the profile page, you can pin a favourite tweet to the top of your page. You can also schedule your tweets by choosing to compose tweet and then the scheduling option. Try scheduling your tweets to go out when your followers are most active.

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