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Super Visa – summarizing the application process

All Canadian citizens and permanent residents who seek to invite their parents and grandparents from foreign countries to Canada can use the Super Visa.

It is a temporary visa that allows parents and grandparents to reunite with family members. They have permission to visit the country for up to five straight years. 

During the five years, they will not have to look for the renewal of their visa status. Those candidates possessing the Super Visa can enter Canada several times in ten years. Also, it is devoid of any lottery and provides a greater possibility to those families seeking to sponsor. 

Super Visa eligibility 

To become eligible for a Super Visa, applicants must be related to Canadian citizens and permanent residents as their parents or grandparents. They can incorporate the spouse or common-law partner on the application but not the dependents. 

Criminal records or medical health issues must not deem the applicant inadmissible in Canada. If the two conditions or even any one of these make an applicant inadmissible, he will not benefit from the Super Visa. 

Applicants under the Super Visa will also have to undertake a medical examination. They will have to justify their purpose for visiting the country and must be strongly connected to their native country. 

IRCC’s main concern is that the parents and grandparents are completely looked after and can meet their basic needs during their stay in Canada.  

The child and grandchild have to demonstrate their potential to support their parents and grandparents financially. Their capability is measured through their eligibility under the LICO (Low Income Cut Off).  

Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) 

Refer to the table below to get a fair idea of the income requirements:

Family unit size  Minimum essential gross income 
1 person (child or grandchild) $25,921 
2 persons $32,270 
3 persons $39,672 
4 persons $48,167 
5 persons $54,630 
6 persons $61,613 
7 persons $68,598 
More than 7 individuals for each additional person $6,985 

The following documents will act as proof: 

  • Salary Pay receipts 
  • Bank statements  
  • The offer letter concerning the job with the salary and hiring date mentioned 
  • Notice of Assessment/ latest tax year’s T4/T1 
  • Employment Insurance document 

The child or grandchild also needs to provide a signed letter to the applicant concerned. They must send an invitation to the parents and grandparents to visit Canada.  

The signed letter must include the following key points: 

  • Commitment to supporting them financially for the entire duration of their visit. 
  • A complete list of the number of individuals existing in the household. 
  • The person with Canadian citizenship and permanent residency must provide copies of the same. 

The applicant must also get his medical insurance done from an insurance company in Canada.  

The Canadian insurance company must meet the following criteria: 

  • The Canadian insurance company must hold a validity of at least one year from the entry date. 
  • It must provide emergency coverage of $100,000. 
  • Proof regarding the complete payment of medical insurance. 

Super Visa- Applying Process 

The applicant must follow and fulfil all the necessary and concrete documentation. Once the applicant completes the entire documentation process, the officials at the Canada visa office must process their application further. 

IRCC will review the application once they submit it. However, IRCC must ask for the following things as well: 

  • They might ask the applicant to attend an interview with their officials in their native country. 
  • More information might be required. 
  • Undertaking a medical examination. 
  • Obtaining a Police Certificate. 
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