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A Sneak Peak – Fabrics Ruling Fashion Week 2023

Clothes have always been a part of basic necessities for everyone. But thankfully, a genius mind came up with the idea of styling different looks out of a simple necessity, and hence, fashion was introduced into our lives. Most of the time, styles and fashion introduced on the ramp, used to stay on the ramp. It was either adapted by celebrities or high-end customers. However, this year has marked a change in history by bringing a fresh perspective on the ramp. It allowed regular fashion admirers to join the fashion ramp club. Fabrics like Boucle fabric also caught the eye of the people.

The four fashion capitals of the world are already done with the first round of fashion weeks. One can say that this year has been a perfect mix of comfort and style that dominated the fashion weeks throughout the globe. Just like humans, the fashion world also keeps evolving in terms of fabrics, style, and trends. The pandemic of 2019, might be one of the reasons for this shift in the fashion ecosystem. 

From velvet to sheer to mesh to Boucle fabric, the fashion week brought the world of fabrics on the ramp in perfect harmony. The integration of these fabrics and styles in Fashion Week made the dream of every fashionista a little more approachable. Before burning any more time let’s go straight to the sidewalk and take a sneak peek at the fabrics which ruled the ramp in 2023.


Our oldest friend; comfortable cotton also made the headlines. Numerous designers used cotton-based fabrics in their style. Cotton, which is often introduced as the “fabric of our lives”, has been a prominent part of the fashion world for centuries. It not only offers versatility and comfort but also allows the designers to bend it according to their ideas. Cotton fabric complements an array of style preferences. From classic, timeless designs to modern and trendy patterns, cotton adapts to various aesthetics.


Boucle fabric is back in style and for a good reason. The uniqueness of the fabric is rivaled by very few fabrics in the market. For centuries, fashion designers and interior decorators have been captivated by the unique curled and looped texture of boucle fabric. Very few people know that Bouclé was first noticed in the mid-20th century and was popularized by the world’s iconic designers, most notably Coco Chanel. Since then, it has remained a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication. The fabric not only eludes elegance but also offers comfort and durability.


Mesh falls under the category of comfort and style. The porous structure not only makes it breathable and lightweight but also the perfect choice for shrugs and jackets. Normally mesh was rarely included in the fashion lists of fabrics. However, with the constant evolution of innovation and trends in the fashion world, mesh did not stay untouched. The moisture-wicking feature of the fabric has made it an ideal choice during warm weather. One will be surprised to know that mesh is not only used in clothing but also for footwear, bags as well and backpacks.


Organza by nature is a delicate fabric that exudes elegance and grace. Organza has always been associated with special occasions and high fashion. It is one of the few fabrics which is the combination of lightweight and crisp texture. Its charm lies in its translucency, subtle sheen, and graceful drape, making it a favored choice for bridal gowns and evening wear. It offers the same level of comfort as boucle fabric.


Fur has been the most ethically debated fabric for centuries. It is the fabric that transformed from basic necessity to royalty in a matter of no time. It is now the symbol of affluence and status while being the staple in royalty’s and nobility’s wardrobes. In contemporary fashion, fur remains a symbol of sophistication and glamor. Designers continue to experiment with fur, integrating it into both traditional and cutting-edge designs. Fur embodies a unique blend of tradition and modernity, luxury and practicality. Its enduring allure in the fashion world is a testament to its timeless elegance. 


If asked around then many people will say that velvet is the second name of richness. Velvet always exudes Luxury and opulence. Due to its plush and densely packed texture, it is often worn in cold weather. It also dominates the winter and fall collections of the fashion ecosystem. Velvet is a fabric that transcends time and trends. Its enduring popularity lies in its luxurious appearance, inviting texture, and remarkable adaptability. It has the power to transform any design into a statement of elegance and comfort.


Sequin has always been synonymous with dazzle. It is known for making bold statements while adding sparkle and shimmer to the outfit. These small reflective disks, sewn in the base material, surely have a way of adding glamor to any attire. Sequin attires are often adorned as evening wear or a party outfit. It has the capability to turn every neck and catch the attention of every pair of eyes.


Satin is an example of timeless elegance and luxury. Any ramp across the world always appreciates the fluid drape and lustrous surface of satin. Satin, as well as silk, are often called together due to their similar presence. They are normally featured in couture collections, especially for red carpet-worthy attires. Satin is a smooth, glossy fabric with a luxurious feel. It exudes elegance and sensuousness. 


Again 2023, showed that when it comes to creativity the fashion world has no bounds. From New York to Paris to Milan to London, our very own Big 4 cities showcased the very essence of style and self-expression. Runway had the perfect splash of colors and style, dipped in creativity. This year fabrics like boucle fabric brought their unique character on the ramp, breathing life into the designer’s visions. This year’s showcase reminded us that fashion is not limited to just color and design, rather it is the experience that connects us to the very thread of clothing and style.

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