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Sloshout launches campaign on Facebook #partykaroge with 5 influencers

Sloshout has brought before the people the stories of couples who have tied the knot during the pandemic, it also through the help of their influencers have brought the stories of digitization, love stories during the pandemic, etc. Sloshout also shared about their properties and the banquet halls they had provided to the clients for the wedding. Sloshout also covers stories of weddings happening in different wedding venues in gt karnal road.

sloshout pr news

Weddings are very common during the winter season in India, which calls for huge celebrations and lasts for many days. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected weddings and the wedding market. The big fat Indian weddings which used to be grand involved loads of crowds, and people took a different turn and became more sustainable by welcoming less crowd of guests. The process of the wedding also saw different changes, like short duration weddings took place. However, the couples still face pressure on their big day.

Sloshout is one of the largest online wedding planning platforms that help make the knot-tying between couples a memorable and easy affair. The digital influencers helped in navigating the newlyweds through the campaign like Karo #ShaadiKiTaiyari with Partyvillas India. This platform aimed to come together with both single as well as married influencers throughout India to get accustomed to the new digital wedding tools related to planning.

The campaign went live with five influencers in the year 2020, where they shared their wedding planning process.

Digitalisation has become an everyday thing after the pandemic and during the pandemic. Weddings are planned digitally and hence the burden of stress has lessened, and the complexity has been brought under control through the online wedding marketplace. 

Sloshout helps the clients with:

  • Helps in making their clients choose their choicest vendors
  • They provide the facility to book a make-up artist
  • They help clients with good professional photographers
  • They cater to your budget and provide you with the best within the range of your budget.
  • They make a detailed checklist of the wedding to avoid a hassle at the last minute.
  • They also suggest and advise the large community.
  • They also have an app that has made wedding planning easier helping the clients enjoy the wedding of their dreams.
  • Even during the time of the pandemic, they helped in planning the weddings of couples easier and more fulfilling.
  • They were in touch with the influencers as well.

Sloshout has attained a huge name from its widespread audience through its amazing responses, that has made crores of impressions on its amazing platforms. Through the campaigns like Karo #ShaadiKiTaiyari #partykaroge with Sloshout, they have inspired certain things like:

  • They have encouraged couples and people to take charge of their weddings and parties.
  • Their app is the best solution for all party planning and wedding planning.
  • They have a great connection with influencers who spread knowledge about fashion and lifestyle.
  • The wedding technology is something they are updating in the app along with it there are adding options for venues, partners for the vendor, and the community.
  • They help track the wedding plan for the clients and keep the family stays updated and on track. 
  • The wedding planner consists of everything like checklists, and ideas of inspiration.
  • They also provide a customized website for the wedding.
  • People during the pandemic even enjoyed the wedding virtually, Sloshout had in a very tactful way helped in fulfilling the wedding dreams of the clients.
  • The leading influencers on lifestyle have promoted the digital planning of the wedding as it has made things easier be it when it comes to budget, checking expenses, etc. This helped in handling the expenses of the wedding to a greater extent. 
  • Clients are also able to add innovative designs and decorations to their weddings like flower decorations, light decorations, buffets, banquet hall decorations, event management planning, etc.
  • Women and brides can get some idea about their bridal attire, Sloshout was able to offer support and ideas to the newlyweds by providing them with ideas and inspiration from different posts, blogs, and articles. There are couples, who have derived inspiration from the wedding celebration. 

All these campaigns were observed on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. where they gained momentum and were also promoted.

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