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Ritik Kumar Sinha’s Impactful Environmental Journey

You may have heard a lot about people who devote their entire life to the welfare of our environment. They are remembered for their open-mindedness and play a crucial role in protecting the environment. Ritik Kumar Sinha is among those leading environmental activists who are deeply concerned with issues such as climate change. Ritik remains focused on trying new or innovative ideas to bring change to society. He applies the most comprehensive framework to drive impact to the mission of protecting the environment. Let’s have a close look at his impactful environmental journey.

A Brilliant Corporate Leader to a devoted environmentalist

Ritik is a famous corporate personality in the Indian business world. He is renowned for cracking multiple historical deals in the real estate world. Ritik Sinha always wants to do something special for the welfare of entire mankind. Since, his early childhood period, he loved to participate in movements that were organized to plant trees, make people aware of environmental protection, reduce waste, cleanliness etc.

Apart from that, when Ritik Kumar Sinha was in school, he participated in multiple stage shows to raise awareness of environmental protection. Even though, while he was achieving all the success in the business world, he always felt a sort of incompleteness in his success. Then he decided to devote more time to join impressive personalities and learn effective ways how to protect our planet. He could see his lifelong passion turning into reality then.

Ritik Sinha was passionate about environmental activism

However, Ritik got to learn a lot in the company of some brilliant environmental activists, he always wanted to gain a constant stream of new information. He keeps on focusing on doing research to address major climate change challenges across the globe. Using his intelligence, industrial experience and cognitive skills, he always formulated actionable plans to fight effectively with major environmental challenges. Ritik Kumar Sinha believes in forming teams as he understands the importance of collaborative efforts.

He continues forming teams by adding effective members with immense skills and brilliant perspectives. He keeps on associating with new people, groups, stakeholders, government officials, leading industrialists etc. to share his environmental concerns with them and get back with more informed decisions to overcome a common environmental challenge. He constantly approached related authorities to accelerate his efforts. He raises his voice to support tribes, save forests, recycle and apply sustainable energy sources. Moreover, Ritik Sinha is renowned for operating several powerful movements. To ensure success, he first makes a thorough strategy to fight with full strength and effectiveness. He appeals to youngsters to join the mission and to make people aware he leverages technology. Ritik knows extremely well that today’s youth is well-connected to digital media and hence, he uses it as a source to drive awareness among the audience.

Emphasizes Sustainable Development

Ritik describes people about the importance of achieving sustainable development. According to Ritik Kumar Sinha, the nation urgently requires to form strict rules and laws to achieve its SDGs. He makes continuous efforts to drive financial inclusion in the country by suggesting to different stakeholders an easy framework to leverage sustainable production. He tells business owners to stay focused on good health and well-being within the organisation and motivate workers to take necessary vaccinations on time. He organizes Nukkad Naataks to inspire people about the importance of vaccination and other crucial health issues.

During the pandemic, Ritik Sinha played a very important role by helping people with basic necessities and making them aware of taking the vaccination. Apart from that, he takes part in various programs that inspire people to try renewable sources of energy, sustainable products, say no to plastics etc. To track and effectively monitor the progress of attaining SDGs, Ritik has proposed to government officials how to leverage administrative data. Furthermore, he also suggests top leaders play their part in taking ownership of the implementation process. He also arranges funds to provide external support to programs that are organized to accelerate the mission of sustainable development in India.

Prioritizes Protecting Wildlife

Ritik explores people the easiest way to help wildlife. With the intention to preserve the environment for future generations, Ritik Kumar Sinha participates as a leading volunteer to restore native forests. He leads small groups to plant trees, remove damaged plants, take out old fences and protect the habitats of imperilled species. He always remained focused on applying the principle of the 3 R’s, i.e. reuse, recycle and reduce. He tells people the benefits of saving energy for future generations and presents the simplest framework to implement it. He elaborates how by driving less and using energy-efficient vehicles, we can certainly create a huge difference in the mission of protecting wildlife.

Guides people to become sensible buyers

According to Ritik Sinha, until we will not accelerate our demands and prefer sustainable products over harmful ones, our communities will never see a change. During his entire environmentalism journey, he remained focused on never adopting habits that lead to biodiversity loss. He always supports and educates others to always make genuine efforts to become sensible buyers and analyze everything before buying it. Try to gather information on where a particular product comes from and always check food labels to confirm if the product is sustainable.

Ritik always advocates a cleaner, more accessible and more efficient business model to drive economic growth. To build communities sustainable, he constantly puts on regular efforts to remain resistant to environmental challenges. Ritik Kumar Sinha is one of the most concerned personalities in India who regularly contribute genuine efforts to improve health care and sanitation across the country. He constantly focuses on adding youth to the mission to harness a more prosperous future for generations to come.

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