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Preferring the Best Salon Wash points for Your Salon

It is no secret that hair salons are exquisitely designed to provide extra nourishment and care to people’s hair. Thus, the salons are well-equipped with the requisite amenities. But certain missing things like backwash units for hair salons might sometimes be of great inconvenience.

So, consider installing wash points whether you are commencing a new salon business or upgrading your existing one. It’s because a hair wash station is regarded as a very crucial and integral part of hair treatment at the salon.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before installing a new wash point in your salon. Also, note that a very well-equipped and strong shampoo chair proves to be beneficial for the respective salon. In fact, the wash station chair provides immense flexibility to the customers, thereby enabling the staff to work properly.

Today, this article will give you informative insights into the things you must consider before purchasing a hair wash station. Please stay tuned until the end to learn more about the same and make an informed decision.

Come, let’s dive in.

Factors You Need to Check Before Installing a Hair Wash Station at Your Salon

When it comes to purchasing barber furniture for your salon, things are intimidating. But when you have the perfect buying guide, things won’t be difficult any longer.

So, we have listed certain aspects that you need to consider before purchasing a shampoo chair for your salon. Some of them include the following:

  • Design of Wash Point

You’d be surprised to know that salon shampoo bowls offer a wide range of design options. You will find everything from wash stations with non-plumbed, portable shampoo bowls to built-in shampoo bowls. So, you first need to determine which design works best for your salon and clientele.

As a present-day salon owner, it would be great if you opted for modern backwash units. These units usually come with a shampoo bowl attached to a chair, most commonly known as shampoo backwash systems. Please note that these units are not just efficient but extremely stylish.

However, traditional level-controlled shampoo chairs are still popular. But if you are looking forward to maximising your small salon, then a wet station will be your ideal choice. 

  • Purpose of Wash Point

Before you make up your mind to install a shampoo wash point at your salon, you need to determine the main purpose. Next, you must also consider the number of backwash stations you can install in the available space at your salon.

Please remember that when it comes to a wash point unit, there is no one-size-fits-all. Thus, you will have innumerable styles and options of shampoo bowls to choose from. If at all required, you can also seek help from an industry professional to guide you through the selection procedure.

  • Style of Wash Point

When it comes to purchasing backwash units for your salon, you must ensure that it has a modern style. In other words, you must consider whether your backwash unit is cohesive and complements your entire salon decor.

You will find that most of the wash points come in black and white. However, brands like Living It Up offer a wide range of colour options. In fact, you will also find certain backwash units come with distinctive style options for the vinyl. Sometimes you can also make custom requests to your preferred vendor for a unique shampoo chair for your salon.

  • The Comfort of Wash Point

You would never want your potential customers to leave your salon while complaining about a sore neck or back ache. Thus, ensuring that your clients are comfortable whenever they’re being serviced at your salon’s backwash unit is crucial.

So whenever your client spends their time at your salon’s wash point, it makes a huge difference in their salon experience. And this can also make or break their decision to come back to your salon for their next hair service.

While most people consider salon visits the most relaxing job, they deserve a comfortable shampoo unit. And apart from ensuring maximum comfort with the shampoo unit, you need to check whether the chair is comfortable. Also, ensure that the backwash chair has a cushioned back support, as you’ll have different clients.

  • Budget for Wash Point

Most of the backwash stations that you’ll find in the market come in a wide range of quality and styles. Thus, it’s obvious that each wash point will come with different price tags.

So, it’s crucial to prioritise your needs and be realistic about the things you can afford. And even though you need to stay within your budget, you cannot cut costs for a salon shampoo bowl unit.

It’s because if you purchase the best quality, your on-time investment can provide you gains for many years. Fortunately, you can find the best wash point units at Living It Up within an enormous price range. So make sure you conduct thorough research before picking out your perfect fit.

  • Material of Wash Point

While your salon promotes and provides hygienic services, your salon’s wash point cannot become messy. So, you need to ensure that you can easily clean up your backwash unit without making it wear down quickly.

If you provide perm and colour services at your salon, your shampoo bowl must have a porcelain enamel or acrylic coating. These will help prevent fading, harsh stains, or scratches and fight against damages from harsh chemicals. Also, you need to ensure that the backwash station comes with waterproof vinyl upholstery and a durable base.

To Conclude

By now, you must be familiar with the things that you need to look into before purchasing salon styling chairs UK. And if you have not planned to install them at your salon, make sure that you consider doing the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the best quality wash point with cutting-edge features from Living It Up. These shampoo chairs are bound to create a remarkable impression of your hair wash station. In fact, the popularity of your salon’s hair wash station will reach unexpected heights!

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