Online Resources for Losing Weight, tips for Losing Weight

Online Resources for Losing Weight

Adjusting your relationship with food is a journey. We may have been at war with what we eat for years or even decades before we realize that food isn’t the enemy. The enemy is our beliefs about food and the way we interact with it. 

Arriving at that realization can take a bit of doing! But it’s a discussion worth having with yourself as you grow toward a transformative new self-understanding in weight loss.

Toward Understanding

Part of the journey is coming to understand food’s crucial role in wellness. What you eat can actually help you lose weight sustainably and permanently! In your approach and attitude to food, you can heal the part of yourself that’s developed a dysfunctional relationship with what’s intended to nourish, not harm you.

So, in this post, let’s look at some online resources to help you get in the right frame of mind for losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way. You’ll also find resources here to increase your knowledge of food and to better understand your struggles with it.

Get Accountable

If you’re serious about moving your body a little closer to its healthy factory settings, it’s worth thinking about adding the layers of accountability and crucial support of a coach.

Having someone in your corner when you’re feeling less than committed can change everything. If you’ve tried other ways of losing weight, the online coach approach which avoids telling you what not to eat, may be what you’re looking for. This approach isn’t about restrictive diets but about understanding what you’re eating.

With a coach, you’ll be learning about food and how it can help you lose excess weight and sustain that without denying yourself the foods you love. Several layers of accountability are applied. Your couch reminds you – with a variety of tech methods – why you embarked on the journey to start with. You’re not alone with online weight loss coaching.

Find Your Quiet Center

Any weight loss journey starts in your head. Because caring for your body by feeding it well is worth doing, it’s worth preparing for. A good place to start analyzing your thinking around food and weight loss is Mindfulness Meditation

This simple form of setting aside the random thoughts that too often distract us from the immediate reality of our lives is a great support to weight loss. While controlling your breathing and focusing intensely on it, you come to be more aware of your thoughts in the moment you’re learning to live in.

Imagine having access to the kind of clarity that helps you let go of unnecessary struggles with food. That’s what this style of centering meditation can do for you, preparing you for the journey ahead.

Rediscover Food

If it happens that you and food have been through a messy breakup, it’s time to embrace the joyful recognition that food is your BFF. Without good, nutritious food, you’re not feeling or looking your best. Too much junk and your skin flares up and sometimes your joints, too.

Rediscovering the wonders of food and what it can do for your amazing, complex body is another way to nurture the way toward the healthy weight you want to achieve. Food is intended to both fuel and delight you. Being aware of your choices and the amount and frequency of your food consumption creates a happier and more harmonious relationship with food, which serves your health and a consistent weight.

Knowing about the food you’re eating, its constituent parts, and dietary value is vital to understand how important healthy eating is to your well-being. So, as you’re journeying toward weight loss, learn to honor the role of food to enjoy it even more.

Love Your Body

Love means doing the right thing for you. If that’s losing 10 pounds, great. More? Also great! Everyone’s body is different in its own unique ways and you’re all reading this for different reasons. Whether you’re here to lose weight right this minute or not, loving your body is a prerequisite to any weight loss journey. Your body is your home and it not only deserves your love; it demands it.

Understanding how complex and fascinating the human body is doesn’t have to be a science project either. There are some very entertaining books on the subject that will keep you riveted to every page, even if you’re not a science nerd!

And yes, I’m going to say it: Exercise. Choose an activity that makes you feel good, then do it several times a week. You may grumble now but I’m willing to bet you’ll soon be adding sessions to your schedule. 

The more you enjoy any physical activity you do, whether it’s yoga, belly dance, CrossFit, or running, the more you’ll want to do it. And your body will love you for it in return. 

I hope you’ll find the resources offered here useful as you seek the way forward to sustainable, healthy weight loss. I wish you joy and success on your transformative journey!

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