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Decoding Google’s Algorithm Update: Adapting Your SEO Approach for Success

In the fast-changing online world, it’s super important to stay ahead to be visible. Google is a big player here. It decides who’s up or down in searches. Google often changes how it searches to show good results. If you run a website or do online marketing, you need to get what these changes mean. They help you stay ahead in the competitive league. Let’s dive deeper into easy tips to make your website rank better. 

Google's Core Web Vitals

The Great Google Algorithms

Imagine Google’s algorithms as a group of ever-changing dance routines. Just when you think you’ve got the moves down, the music changes, and you’re left figuring out the new steps. These algorithmic updates are carefully designed to push websites with valuable content to prominent spots. Naturally, the process pulls other websites down. 

These algorithm updates aim to improve user experience by rewarding websites that offer valuable content and a seamless browsing experience. 

So if your ranking is experiencing a serious drop, it never necessarily means that there is something wrong with your website. It may also mean that someone else is performing better than you. 

Tip 1: Stay informed it is always suggested to keep a sharp eye on Google’s algorithm updates, but always remember that it is quite rare for Google to announce updates beforehand; it usually springs surprises. To discern the expected timing of Google’s new update releases, keep yourself updated with the latest search trends.
Why did the website want therapy? Because it had too many issues with its ranking!

Understanding Core Updates

Google’s core updates are like the plot twists in a TV series – they come at irregular intervals and can shake things up. The main motive of these websites is to reevaluate website’s quality & relevance in regards to their niche market. What was once considered “ Gold” might not shine as brightly after a core update.

Tip 2: Quality over Quantity – With core updates, quality reigns supreme. Instead of creating low-value content in abundant quantities, focus on creating high-quality, informative articles that genuinely address users’ needs. This not only pleases Google’s algorithms but also keeps your audience engaged.
I have keys but open no locks
I have space but no room. What am I? 
(Answer: A keyboard!)

The Keywords 

In the past, stuffing keywords into your content might have done the trick, but times have changed. Google’s algorithms now prioritize context and user intent.

Tip 3: Embrace Semantic SEO – Don’t always focus on incorporating one key term in the content. If you want better engagement, it is suggested to use LSI keywords. You can create a list of such keywords through ‘Google Autocomplete’, ‘People Also Ask’ and ‘The related Searches section of SERP. Just like you can’t imagine a single spice to do all the wonders in the stew, similarly, you can’t imagine a single keyword to fetch all the queries. 
Why did the SEO specialist go broke? Because they used all their keywords in the wrong places!

Mobile Friendliness Matters

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This age is ‘Smartphone Age”, so having a mobile friendly website has not remained a matter of CHOICE, it is now a necessity. Google’s mobile-first indexing means that your site’s mobile version is what matters most for rankings.

Tip 4: Test Your Mobile Experience – You can use ‘Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool’  to know if your site is performing well. Ensure that buttons are easily clickable, text is readable without zooming, and images load promptly.

E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

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E-A-T serves as a report card for your website’s credibility. Google’s algorithms are meticulously crafted to recognize and reward high-quality content. This emphasis stems from the fact that numerous subjects demand comprehensive research. If topics pertaining to health or finance are not thoroughly researched, they might convey inaccurate information, potentially resulting in health, financial, or even life-related consequences. 

Tip 5: Showcase Your Expertise – For better engagement and to build trust, it is suggested to highlight the qualifications, experience and expertise of your content writing team.  Incorporate author bios and links to their professional profiles to establish trust with your audience.


Adapting to Google’s algorithm updates is a bit like adapting to the ever-changing weather – it requires vigilance, preparation, and a willingness to adjust your plans. By following all the tips and tricks mentioned above, an SEO executive can effortlessly sail through the SEO sea. So, whether you’re a seasoned SEO pro or just starting, remember that while the algorithms might keep changing, your commitment to delivering value will always remain constant. 

About The Author: Karan Sharma is the co-founder & CEO of Kinex Media Inc. He intends to bring a massive transformation in eCommerce web designing & development. His team of talented IT professionals knows the secret of getting huge conversions. 

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Google Core SEO Update 2023
In the fast-changing online world, it's super important to stay ahead to be visible. Google is a big player here. It decides who's up or down in searches
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