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Kuber Group Chairman, Vikas Malu, was in the Rolls Royce that collided with an oil tanker on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway on Tuesday

SP Nuh, Mr. Narendra Bijaraniya, confirmed on Friday to a leading Indian news channel that the individual involved in Tuesday’s horrific road accident on the Delhi-Mumbai-Baroda Expressway, which caused two tragic deaths, was none other than prominent industrialist, Vikas Malu, who is the chairman of the Kuber Group and the Director of the Vardhman International Private Ltd. 

As per the statement of Mr. Bijaraniya, Mr. Malu was seriously injured in the accident and is currently being treated in Medanta Hospital, Gurugram along with his two other companions who were also inside the car when the deadly accident happened.  He has also confirmed that an FIR has been lodged on 22nd August, the day of the incident, at the Nagina Police Station which is close to the spot where the accident took place. 

He said that the Police have managed to get the CCTV footage of the accident, which is being currently scrutinized by officials for any possible clue about what really happened on that fateful day. Prima facie it looks like excessive speed was the real reason behind the incident. 

He assured that a thorough impartial investigation would be carried out once Mr. Malu is declared fit enough by doctors to attend interrogation. 

However, it could not be confirmed whether the industrialist and film producer himself was behind the wheel when the Rolls Royce rammed into the oil tanker. Earlier the news about the terrible accident was first reported by news agency PTI which also said two people from Chandigarh named Divya and Tasbir were also inside the car with Vikas Malu when the incident happened. 

As per the report, the oil tanker was taking a U-turn from the wrong side when Vikas’s Rolls Royce Phantom, which was cruising down the Delhi-Mumbai-Baroda Expressway at a breakneck speed of around 230km/hour, rammed into the truck hitting one of its front wheels.

The impact was so huge, that the giant oil tanker overturned and caught fire, killing its driver and the helper on the spot.  It is learned that Mr. Malu, who runs a vast business empire consisting of 45 ventures with operations spread across 50 countries around the world, has close Bollywood links. His Instagram profile shows his photographs with leading Bollywood actors and celebrities like Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh. 

His love for a luxurious lifestyle and passion for cars are well-known in high-profile circles, and he is often seen boasting his fancy cars on his social media profiles. 

The leading industrialist was also in news headlines recently, when his second wife, Saanvi Malu, publicly accused him of conspiring to kill famous scriptwriter, film director and actor, Satish Kaushik, during his stay in Vikas’s Delhi farmhouse.  Kaushik, who reportedly had a three-decade-long relationship with Vikas, suddenly fell unconscious during his stay in Vikas’s farmhouse on March 9 before eventually dying on his way to the hospital. 

Tuesday’s accident once again puts the focus back on Vikas Malu, and going by the way his identities were kept a secret by the Police till Friday, it would not be surprising if more shocking things come out of the closet as the investigation proceeds. 

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Kuber Group Chairman, Vikas Malu
SP Nuh, Mr. Narendra Bijaraniya, confirmed on Friday to a leading Indian news channel that the individual involved in Tuesday’s horrific road accident on the Delhi-Mumbai-Baroda Expressway
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