CUBIC ZIRCONIA - Jewelry Secrets

Know All About CUBIC ZIRCONIA – Jewelry Secrets

People today are replacing traditional diamonds with a more affordable and suitable option. Cubic Zirconia Crystals are the most popular substitutes for diamonds in the world. You can access this accessory in a mixture of hues to mimic the remarkable diamonds. Jewelry enthusiasts opt for this excellent option for themselves and believe nobody can guess the difference. But since diamonds are holding their position of being the most precious stones in the world, there is a reason behind it.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry indeed imitates impeccable diamond shine at a division of the price, yet other jewelry secrets will help you identify quickly between the two. Both stones hold their unique properties in their way and can be distinguished from each other. Some consider Cubic Zirconia a far better option than diamonds for their ideal characteristics, while others are restricted to diamonds. Zirconia crystals are artificial imitations of diamonds, and thus they exude abounding features which can compel you to get drawn towards the beauty of these gems.

Transparency and Shine

You can notice the reality by keeping a keen eye on the transparency and shine of the diamonds and CZ Crystals. Cubic Zirconia has a high dispersion of light compared to diamonds and shines brighter than a diamond. While in the case of diamonds, you will see a white light emitting from their surface. Thus, by taking a light test, you will be able to notice the difference between the two. Some people find the magnificent bright dispersion of light fantasizing and believe that Cubic Zirconia is a far better option than diamonds. But, on the other hand, some people remain stuck and restricted to diamonds only.

Additionally, Cubic Zirconia is flawless with perfect transparency to bring out the best of the stone. On the contrary, diamonds are formed naturally and thus hold imperfections and inclusions inside them. Therefore, people today have started choosing Cubic Zirconia Ring as their engagement band as they exude a flawless shine which is pretty amazing to watch.

Difference In Hardness

Another reality check happens when you lie your focus on the hardness level of both the crystals. Diamonds range 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is the highest score in measuring a stone’s toughness. Diamonds are famous worldwide for this extravagant property and incomparable hardness, which is why you must have come across the line – Diamonds are forever. People often choose something valuable as a diamond because it will persist the test of time and will be cherished for generations.

On the contrary, Cubic Zirconia Crystals range around 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness which is relatively lower than diamonds. Although 8.5 is a pretty strong measure for any crystal to be resistant enough to scratches and high knock-ups, you can quickly note the difference between CZ and diamonds through this hardness check. Therefore, whether you choose diamond or CZ, if you intend to wear your jewelry regularly, we always suggest you pair it up with Sterling Silver Jewelry to add durability to your jewels.

Few jewelry manufacturers and sellers will tell you the difference and jewelry secrets like these. But since now you are thorough on the facts between the crystals, you can make your decision precisely and aptly while being informed.


Both CZ and diamonds are unique in their way and hold variable features apart from the fact that they both exude similar shine. Thus, you must be careful while purchasing the jewel you want to consider for yourself. You might also check the crystal grades ranging from A to AAAAA to get exactly what you have in mind. Revealing the secrets to determining which diamonds are natural and which are CZ will help you make your decision correctly in the future. So, now that you know about both stones why wait longer? Get yourself a stunning design today.

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