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8 Interior Design Tips for Converting A Small Office Space to Manifest Luxury

Designing a small office space can be a strenuous task, but not for you because you are here! Every business has a specific style, depending on its nature of work, the workforce, work culture, and much more. So why not make our office space also reflect our style? Yes, you have a small office space but this never means you cannot decorate it and make it aesthetic yet functional. However, designing a small workspace requires some skills and ideas that the best office interior designer in Pune acquires. 

Here we will make you understand the basics of interior designing that will help you convert your small office space to manifest luxury. Let’s get started!

  1. Choose the Right Color Theme 

The colour you choose for your walls, overall, the colour theme you decide must complement and reflect your company’s nature of work. For instance, legal firms may have subtle neutral-coloured walls with similar colours or a few shades of darker furniture. Whereas, the media or advertising companies can go with bold and pop hues that add vibrance and energy to the work environment. 

It depends on what energy and vibe you want for your office space. However, having neutral or soft colours such as white, beige, cream, pastel blues, pinks, and yellows makes the rooms look more spacious and give a sense of calmness. 

Also, using textures can add up to the magic. Textured walls decorated with artwork have the potential to create an aesthetic and modernised office interior design. And these elements barely go out of style, they got your back! 

  1. Go for Share Desks

A strong team lead the firm to tremendous success. Using shared desks will not only save up space but it will also enhance employee engagement. When your employees will sit together to get into collaborative work, they will have healthy conversations, and build a strong bond with each other, thus motivating and helping each other to work efficiently and give in their best.

When you do away with the traditional all-sealed and packed cubicles, you can encourage the workforce to work together without distracting each other from work. You will be able to incorporate more people with shared desks and yet not make the office space look unorganised or clumsy. 

In a small office space, you can also try having an area where the employees can sit for a while, sip coffee, and have a relaxed chitchat just to refresh themselves and get back to work with more energy. A happy work environment indeed with result in increased employee productivity.

  1. Be Perfectly Minimalistic

When planning the office interior design, maintaining the perfect balance is the key. Going minimalistic and yet being functional will make your small office space give out some classy vibes.  

Your workspace can have furniture made and placed with an artistic touch. Using minimalistic designs and elements that go with your colour theme will make your office look luxurious. 

When you will avoid filling in the office space and focus on choosing only the required elements that are visually appealing, every item that you keep in your office will get enough space to shine. Thus, using minimal and luxurious objects will help the workspace look organised and those objects will get undivided attention, manifesting luxury and class.

You can go for wooden objects as they are one of the best materials that will help you maintain an aesthetic look for your office space. Brown colour in a soft shade along with wooden objects is one of the best combinations for a productive, relaxing, calm, and organised work environment. It makes your small office space look elegant.

  1. Get those Lights In

With small office space and minimalistic designs, lighting has an important role to enhance your office space. 

You can use lights that are environment friendly to contribute to sustainable development too. Letting the natural sunlight come in is a great option. Natural lights spread positivity in the surroundings which will help improve employee productivity and make the office space look more lively and elegant.

Regarding artificial lighting, you can use table lamps that add to the minimal aesthetics. Going for coloured lights for the areas you desire to add more emphasis on is recommended. Also, using a combination of white and warm lights is an amazing option to make your small office space look elegant and chic.

  1. Use Multifunctional Elements

One thing that by now you must have realised is that your small office space should not look too filled. The best office interior design will leave empty spaces and include as few objects as possible. This minimalism helps make your office look more spacious and decluttered.

You can go for ergonomic chairs, standing desks, desks with multiple drawers, foldable furniture, etc. With a small office space, it becomes difficult to safely store your import documents. Thus, stacking them in the drawers under your desks might be quite helpful.

You may also have wall-mounted racks and desks in the corners to effectively use every inch of the empty space.

  1. Go for Greens

To add immense energy, health, and positive vibes to your office space, create an office interior design that enables you to add some indoor plants. Adding greenery in the workspace efficiently fills up empty spaces and makes your office look more lively.

Plants help in air purification, enhance productivity, and increase the creativity of employees. Indoor plants can be placed anywhere, on the coffee table, walls, desk, corners of the room, etc. Nature never disappoints you, all you have to do is take care of it. And these indoor plants are low maintenance, so don’t worry they won’t take much of your time and effort.

  1. Have Flexibility

Office interior designs for small spaces prefer to use glass partitions to provide visual access to the office space. Or you may use movable walls to transform the office space as per your needs at the moment.

Do away with the rigid cubicle with fixed chairs, and incorporate flexibility. Along with movable walls, you can also have spaces where the employees can move their chairs for a while to have random chit-chats or brainstorming sessions on upcoming project ideas. And don’t worry, this flexibility will not lower your workforce’s productivity instead, it will enhance their productivity and make them work more efficiently with a relaxed and happy mind. 

You should also have some space for those who want to get their tasks done in an isolated space with no distractions. You may ask your office interior designer to plan things out, they know how to maintain a perfect balance of art and science to build the perfect workspace.

  1.  Add Some Fun Elements

After all these serious talks, it is recommended that you have some space for your employees to have fun. Yes, it is a small office space, but if you make it flexible enough, there can be a way out. 

When your employees want a break from the draining task, they can have a nice coffee with their colleagues or just talk about random things on a sofa. This will make them feel relaxed and they will get back to work with a fresh mind.


Hope these office interior design ideas for small spaces have made you understand how you can make it look luxurious along with being functional. If you feel like you might not have the time and expertise to do the interior designing work, you may connect with a professional office interior designer in Pune and get just the right workspace.

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