Grandparents On Their Birthday

Ideas To Surprise Our Grandparents On Their Birthday

All of us have faced more critical problems in the last two years, especially our elders. They have had the hardest time and we should take care of them at this age. We should listen to them for what they want to share and make moments for them to enjoy. More than ever, our elderly deserve to be surprised on their big day…their birthday. 

Grandparents are the fundamental pillar in our lives and references throughout our childhood: accomplices in pranks, born defenders of our lost causes, and professionals in secretly giving us money, among many other things. They who, with all their affection and all their love, have done the impossible to stay by our side, deserve an original gift.

For all these reasons, we invite you to remember your childhood with your grandparents and rescue the happiest memories you find with them. Apart from organising a birthday party for them, you should do something different to make them feel special.

Prepare your most original personalised product with these four ideas that we at Jalsa Lawn propose, the best way to celebrate Grandparents’ birthdays!

1. Album

What never fails! Grandparents usually love going through their photo albums over and over again. And, of course, we love to see them with them. Therefore, what could be better than designing an exclusive and personalised album to have our favourite photos printed? They will show it to all their visitors!

Doing it is very easy, both through the quick workshop on our website, by downloading our new creation program, or with the app. It’s simple and intuitive!

2. Canvas.

A most attractive idea for home decoration. It is also one of the most original ways to capture your best memories. On a delicate fabric, you will have the sensation that the images of your memory are more real than ever and, looking at it, it will transport you to the happiest moments you have shared with your grandparents: vacations on the beach, family birthdays or, even, from that time you walked through your favourite city.

In three simple steps you will have your canvas designed: choose your favourite photograph with your grandparents, select the size that best suits the space of the rooms, choose your template and, in this simple and intuitive way, you will also be able to see the result before its printing.

3. Personalised magnets.

They say that the best gifts are those that come from the heart and are based on originality. That is why magnets will become the best option to give away souvenirs. In addition to giving warmth to the home, the images with our grandparents will be immortalised forever, in this case in the fridge.

In less than five minutes you will have designed the pack of 10 images, and you will receive them in a decorative box, ideal for giving away.

4. Mugs

There is nothing like breakfast or coffee in the afternoon, and what is better than our grandparents being able to enjoy this moment of peace with a printed cup of our best photographs next to them? What can make them more excited when we can’t be close to them?

With excellent print quality, mugs allow you to play, not only with the different models but also with the colours and even with magic! Yes, with magic, you read correctly. By heating the magic mug in the microwave, you will discover the photograph that is hidden behind the black background. What a nice way to surprise!

Tips for getting gifts for the elderly

To choose a gift for an elderly person well, it is often enough to know that person well. If you enjoy food, artwork, confections, modern technology, flowers and handcrafted elements… you can do numerous things with them.

Another piece of advice that we can give you is to be observant. When you spend a lot of time together, one of the ways to get a gift right is to see your daily needs. If something defines our elders, it is that it is difficult for them to part with their utensils.

Even though a pair of scissors has stopped doing its job after 10 sharpenings, even though the nutcracker won’t crack nuts, or the kitchen faucet malfunctions, they usually do their best to make sure nothing changes. And you know what? Although it is hard for them to admit it, if you replace it with something that works, they will be very grateful.

Even though we often refer to giving simple items to older adults as success, giving something unique is equally valid. There are many shops specialising in gifts for the elderly, or in a flea market or antique shop, there may be some rare and original object that arouses your curiosity. In addition, what it is about is having a detail with your loved one to remind them how much you love them.

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