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How To Select And Use Portable Wheelchair Ramp?

Individual mobility aids (PMAs), such as electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, are great tools for assisting those with mobility issues in getting around on their own. There are some restrictions on PMAs. Moving from one elevated surface to another can be challenging.

These portable ramps for stairs may be an excellent option. They make your PMA more useful and are a must-have accessory. People with mobility issues can use this to get to higher places like the bus or the stairs. To alleviate mobility issues, portable ramps can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, these ramps have the potential to enhance one’s quality of life and independence. You must take certain precautions in order to use portable ramps safely. When using a portable ramp, here are some safety precautions you can take for your loved one.

Pick The Best Portable Ramp 

There are a lot of different kinds of portable wheelchair ramps, each with a different set of features to suit different requirements.

  • One of the most common types of portable ramps is the threshold ramp.  The threshold ramp makes it simple to navigate raised landings, curbs, and doorways. Additionally, it has an inclined platform that enables wheelchairs or electric scooters to maneuver swiftly over minor obstacles.
  • Tri-fold ramps are another well-liked type of portable ramp that folds up in an ergonomic way to make transporting them simple. The tri-fold ramp’s unique three-platform design makes it simple to transport and store. It is able to ascend and descend stairs, vehicles, and elevated landings.
  • Like the tri-fold ramp, the suitcase ramp can be folded in half.

Determine The Portable Ramp’s Dimensions 

Portable wheelchair ramps can differ in length, size, weight, and other features. In order to accommodate people of various heights, these ramps typically range in length from two to twelve feet. They can hold up to 362 kilograms and 800 pounds. When you’re on the go, quick assembly and disassembly are possible thanks to the lightweight and compact design.

A slope ratio should be used to determine the length of the portable ramp your loved one needs, according to international standards. This indicates that there should be one foot for every inch of rise, or 12 inches of the ramp.

To put it another way, to achieve the recommended ratio, a 12-inch rise will necessitate a 12-foot ramp. It is not recommended to use a portable ramp with a vertical rise of more than 30 inches.

How To Use The Portable Ramp Safely?

Your loved one can use their mobility scooter or electric wheelchair if you know how to use the portable ramp correctly. Remove anything that could tip the wheelchair’s back as it ascends.

Your loved one will remain safe and the wheelchair will remain on the ramp as a result of this. Before you move, check to see that their seatbelts are fastened and that the anti-tip wheels are working.

Your ramp should have the PMA at the base. After that, it ought to move at the slowest speed. It is necessary to practice in order to use the portable ramp with ease and practical momentum.

Make an effort to exit the portable ramp.

Understanding the descent is a crucial step. Despite having joystick controls, the scooter or wheelchair will be heavily weighed forward by gravity. It’s critical to practice the descent cautiously. Make sure that your loved one is buckled in and that the chair is centered.

You can use a chest strap or another upper torso support to keep your loved one from leaning forward and stabilize their upper body. Reduce the wheelchair’s speed until it comes to a stop as your loved one approaches the landing.

In Conclusion 

Mobility-impaired individuals can gain access to PMAs, and portable ramps for stairs, to improve their standard of living. To use the ramp safely, it’s important to know the steps and safety precautions. Your loved one ought to learn how to safely use the ramp. You can also help them by being there for them and helping them out whenever they need it.

Wheelchair ramps that are lightweight, portable, and long-lasting are readily available. They are also simple to store. Mobility scooters and motorized wheelchairs can both use this ramp. By combining it with one of our many PMAs, your loved one can try it out for free. Please get in touch with one of our helpful sales representatives right away to learn more.

EZ access Ramps have made it easier for people with disabilities to get into places and structures that don’t have permanent wheelchair ramps. To join the party, all you need to do is unfold or unroll your ramp by taking it out of your trunk.

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