Export Thunderbird Emails to New Computer?

How to Export Thunderbird Emails to New Computer? – Updated 2023

Do you belong to the group of users searching for a way to transfer their Thunderbird emails to a new computer? Don’t worry; you are where you need to be. As is well known, it takes a lot of time and effort to transfer data from one system to another.

In this blog post, we’ll go through two ways that consumers can quickly finish this activity. There are thus two approaches to fixing this issue. We have two options to help you out in this circumstance: we can use the freeway, which can be time-consuming.

Users can pick whichever approach best suits their needs, though. We’ll start by talking about the free option, which calls for users to locate their Mozilla Thunderbird data.

Professional Method to Export Thunderbird Emails to New Computer

There are numerous third-party solutions on the market that can complete the task. However, Advik MBOX Converter is a more sophisticated, hassle-free, and dependable method. The Thunderbird database is retrieved from the computer and converted to the appropriate file formats.

Thunderbird is able to open EML files. Outlook users have the option of using the PST format. When moving Thunderbird emails to a new computer, it also enables the transfer of files in the HTML, MSG, PDF, and NSF file formats.

The following are the main features of this software:-

Diverse File Saving Formats: Users can use this application to store their emails in a number of different file formats, including convert MBOX to PST and other file formats. On the other hand, users can choose the file format in which they want to keep their data.

Batch MBOX File Export: You can convert MBOX emails and attachments in bulk to the file format of your choice. This utility can help recover deleted emails from MBOX files and make them functional again.

When exporting an MBOX file to a particular format, this software gives users the option of choosing between file mode and folder mode.

Compatible with all Windows OS versions: This program is compatible with every Windows OS version. Regardless of the user’s operating system, this tool will function. Additionally, it works with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, 6, and earlier iterations.

Free Ways to Move Mozilla Thunderbird Mailboxes to a New Computer

Use the methods listed below to export Thunderbird emails to a new computer.

1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird to get started.

2. Select account settings after clicking the tools option.

3. Next, go to the local directory option under server settings.

4. Next, open the local directory path in file explorer after copying it.

5. Copy all the files and folders to a new folder on your USB stick after you’ve finished typing.

6. Now repeat steps 1 through 5 for the Local folder and each specified account in Thunderbird. Users must save each account’s files in a unique folder.

7. After all the files and folders have been successfully copied to the USB stick, insert the USB stick into your new computer.

8. Users currently have two options:

They are able to set up a single email account. Users must adhere to the following guidelines for this:

  • On your new PC, launch Thunderbird and select the Tools tab.
  • After that, select Server Settings first, then Account Settings.
  • Select the folder you transferred from another computer that contains all of the email data by browsing the local directory path.

9. You can also import the files into Mozilla Thunderbird and save them in the local folder area by simply according to the following guidelines:-

  • Make a new folder on your new computer and then transfer all of the data from the USB drive into it.
  • Open Thunderbird and choose the settings option after clicking on the local folder option.
  • Select the local directory option now, then navigate to the new folder location where all the data that was transferred from the USB stick is located.

Limitations of Free Method

Using this method, users can manually export their Thunderbird data to a new computer. Although this is a free method, you shouldn’t rely on it because of a number of its limitations. If users happen to have orphan or bulk files, it is advisable that they use an expert solution.

  • There is a high risk of data loss because this method does not backup embedded images and attachments.
  • During the process, Thunderbird data may become corrupted or damaged.
  • This requires technical know-how and takes a lot of time.

We advise consumers to use a Professional strategy in order to get over all of the aforementioned problems. It will be simple for Mozilla Thunderbird users to move their data to a different program.

To sum up:

This blog post covered two approaches that can assist users in resolving their email export from Thunderbird to new machine issue. Users can therefore choose whatever strategy best suits their needs.

Free approaches have some drawbacks and don’t always function accurately. Therefore, it is advisable that customers choose a professional solution since it will give them access to a variety of file formats into which they can convert their Thunderbird files. Additionally, it will deliver accurate findings and is 100% secure, making it simple for any user to access.

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