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How To Create A Capsule Loungewear Wardrobe

One thing that everybody needs in their lives is a capsule loungewear wardrobe. Loungewear is clothing we all own for those lazy Sundays and bank holidays. 

For some people, pyjamas are a common choice however some people want to wear clothes that they can wear all day. Sometimes, pyjamas don’t fit into that category. You won’t be able to wear pyjamas when going to the shop. 

Loungewear is a typical style and became popular during the lockdown period. It is still a popular trend in modern fashion which is why you need a personal capsule wardrobe full of stunning clothes. 

Is There a Need For Pyjamas?

Something that many people get wrong with their loungewear wardrobe is keeping pyjamas in there. Your pyjamas are something you can’t be seen wearing in the gym or going to the local shop. However, loungewear is the type of clothes you can wear anywhere as well as sitting at home.

If you want to reduce the number of clothes in your loungewear wardrobe, remove the pyjamas. If you don’t sleep in your pyjamas, there is no need for them to be taking up space in your wardrobe. 

During the winter months, you need a layer of clothing in bed. However, if clothes in bed are not for you, buy a weighted blanket with a winter duvet to keep you warm at night. Purchase a throw if your bedroom doesn’t stay warm at night. 

If you are one of those people who just sleep in their underwear then there is no need for having your pyjamas in your capsule wardrobe. Therefore, you can sell them on Vinted, Depop or take them to a charity where someone will wear them. 

Versatility Is Key With Your Capsule Wardrobe

Another tip for arranging your loungewear wardrobe is not to split them into different categories. The clothes in your capsule loungewear wardrobe should consist of garments you can wear in the evening to relax in, at the gym or go to your local shop. 

When you separate your loungewear wardrobe into different categories, you will notice that you keep more clothes than you need to. For example, you shouldn’t have a specific type of gym leggings that are only for the gym. These gym leggings can be worn wherever and whenever you want.  

If you want to reduce the number of clothes in your wardrobe, you must prioritise keeping the most versatile loungewear garments. It is a great way to decrease the clothes in your wardrobe as well as throw away those clothes you no longer wear. 

One thing to remember when buying new clothes is to question whether it is versatile. If it is only good for one thing, you probably shouldn’t buy it. Furthermore, if you buy another piece of clothing, you will need to take something out of your wardrobe. If there is nothing you want to sell or give away, you probably don’t need those new clothes that you thought you needed. 

Think About How Often You Wear Loungewear

One of the main problems with deciding what loungewear to keep and what to throw away is how much you need. However, this is very easy to work out. All you need to decide is how often you wear loungewear during the week. Do you prefer to wear more formal clothes or would you rather live in loungewear for most of your week? If you are the latter, your wardrobe should consist of more loungewear rather than formal clothes.

Pick Your Favourite Colours

Choosing your favourite colours is quite difficult when arranging your wardrobe. To do this, think of the colours you wear most. Choose colours that go with other colours as well. 

There is nothing worse than your outfit not matching together. Think of your favourite colours and what looks good with your other loungewear garments then keep them. Any other loungewear clothing you can’t see yourself wearing with the other clothes should be sold or given to a charity shop. 

Only Rotate Your Loungewear Wardrobe When Needed

If you live in the UK, you will probably have two very different parts of the year. At one part of the year, you have to wear 3-4 layers of clothing to keep yourself warm. On the other hand, during the summer months, you need to wear only one layer because the summer months are very hot.

With loungewear, you can wear them for both parts of the year. Gym leggings are good all year round if they are thick enough. It can also be great for the summer months. Ensure you have a range of loungewear clothes which you can layer up for the colder months. 

To Conclude

One of the major problems with your wardrobe is having too many clothes, especially loungewear. It is so easy to buy more loungewear and hard to part ways with your older clothes. Think about the clothes you wear and what you don’t wear. Finally, wear clothes that go well with each other. Then, you will have the ultimate capsule loungewear wardrobe. 

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