OLM File to MBOX Format

How to Convert OLM File to MBOX Format? Updated Solution

Almost everyone knows that OLM is a file format of Outlook for Mac. OLM files save complete data of Outlook such as emails, contacts, calendars, and other data items. It has also the inbuilt feature to export and imports OLM files.

But, sometimes due to some reasons, we need to change our email clients and work on different platforms. In those situations, many users face challenges in accessing their OLM data in new email platforms such as Apple Mail. 

Suppose a user is recently switched to the Mac Mail application from Outlook for Mac. and there are many OLM folders stored in my system that I want to view in Apple mail. In that case, I need to convert OLM file to MBOX. 

Some Common Reasons behind Conversion of OLM File to MBOX

  • Apple Mail offers a friendly interface and easy GUI
  • It has many simple keyboard shortcuts
  • Maybe users have OLM files in their system and they want to view them in Apple Mail or Thunderbird
  • It also provides many advanced protection features

These are the common reasons why users convert OLM file to MBOX. now, in the upcoming section, we’ll discuss manual and alternative methods to export OLM files to MBOX. let’s start with the alternative method because it is more popular and highly recommended by professionals. 

Best Method to Convert OLM File to MBOX 

As we know that OLM and MBOX are two different file formats. OLM saves complete data such as emails, contacts, journals, calendars, and notes. While MBOX saves only emails with attachments. Hence, to avoid complications experts recommends users use Corbett OLM Converter Tool. It has amazing features that can easily convert OLM files to MBOX without losing a bit of data. It maintains file and folder hierarchy. It also provides you with a filter option to exhort only selected data. Moreover, the software has the ability to convert your file into multiple popular file formats such as EML, PST, PDF, TXT, etc. and it ensures to maintain the hierarchy of exported data. Users don’t need to install another program to perform the conversion.  The MBOX file you’ll get after conversion will be supported in all the MBOX-oriented email applications. A free demo version is also available to check the conversion functions of utility.

Steps of OLM to MBOX Converter 

  1. Launch the Software and install it on your system
  2. Click on Open button 
  3. Go to Email Data Files then Outlook for Mac OLM Files
  4. Select Outlook for Mac OLM Files
  5. After that,  Click on the Choose From a Folder
  6. Select OLM files from your device and click on Open button
  7. Now, your OLM files will be visible in the software, Select files
  8. Click on the Export button and select MBOX File
  9. Browse the location to save the MBOX file to your desired location
  10. In the end, tap on the Save button.

You can convert OLM file to MBOX file using these simple steps.

Manual Method to Convert OLM File to MBOX

As we discussed above that Outlook for Mac has an inbuilt function to import and export OLM files. It actually also has a feature to export data in MBOX format by dragging and dropping mailboxes from Outlook to the desktop. 

  1. Open Outlook for Mac 
  2. Go to Tools 
  3. Tap on the Import option
  4. Then, select Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm)
  5. Tap on the Continue button
  6. Browse the OLM file from the drive and tap on Import button
  7. Imported file appear under “My Computer”
  8. Now, drag and drop the imported items from mailbox to desktop
  9. Finally, MBOX file will be saved on your system

Drawbacks of the Manual Method:

  • The manual procedure is very lengthy and requires lot of time and patience to perform the conversion process
  • There is chance of data loss
  • It has always chance of mistakes while performing the manual method
  • To execute these steps, you need good technical knowledge

These are some major limitations of the manual method that stop users to use this method. In that case, you can go to an alternative method that will resolve all limitations of the manual method. Moreover, the alternative method provides instant results without any error.


In this article, you will get the two best methods to convert OLM files to MBOX. Here we have provided manual as well as automated solutions to execute task. However, it is quite possible that you feel the manual method is not stable because it consists of some limitations. In order to resolve those limitations you can follow expertly recommended professional methods that will make your task very easy with 100% safety. 

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