How To Choose The Perfect Graduation Dress

How To Choose The Perfect Graduation Dress

As the deadlines for dissertations approach, so does the day of the all-important graduation. This will be one of the biggest days for many students who have spent several years working towards getting their degrees. Being awarded your degree is not a day that can be recreated, therefore the day needs to be perfect, including your graduation dress

What to wear on the day of your graduation is of course down to personal preference, but it should be done right. Getting your outfit wrong is the fastest way to look back and have regret on such an important day, so we need to avoid this at all costs. With so many options to choose from it might feel overwhelming to decide on one dress that outweighs them all. To help you get to a decision faster, we have compiled a list of the most important considerations to take when deciding what dress to pick on your big day. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Keep It Elegant 

First and foremost, you should try to keep your graduation outfit as elegant as possible. This does not mean to say that you have to dress overly formally as if you will be attending a wedding, but leaning toward that direction is the safest route to take if you hope to keep things classy. Elegance can also be achieved with simple things such as choosing high-end fabrics such as silk and chiffon. However you decide to keep things classy, elegance should be the aim. After all, you will be surrounded by your lecturers and parents. You need to make an example and show how much you have developed into an adult.

Choose The Best Shape

Another thing to consider when finding your graduation dress is the shape you decide to wear. Feeling your best in a dress does not come naturally in all of them, but knowing what shape suits your body type the best will help you to feel much more comfortable. For example, if you are looking to cinch your waist more, you may consider a corset-style dress, or perhaps a draped-style dress if you are looking to create more movement and body. It might be easiest to find a dress that you have felt your best in in the past and try to recreate the length and shape in your new graduation dress.

Stay Comfortable

Additionally, students should consider how long the day can be and therefore should aim to keep things as comfortable as possible. This means tailoring your shoes so that you can stand and walk in them for a couple of hours. It may seem impossible in a pair of heels, but there are low-inch heels and comfortable ones available. We would not recommend pairing a pair of trainers with your graduation dress no matter how comfortable they might seem. Keep things formal and dress for the occasion, but also make sure you can withstand the hours of taking pictures standing up!

Have A Plan B

Also, students should plan for the worst-case scenario when choosing their graduation dress. You never know if you will drop a tray of makeup onto your dress during the day, so having a backup plan would be a good option if you are looking to avoid disaster. Perhaps you have a formal dress you have worn in the past you can keep on hand, but make sure there is something spare for this scenario.

Go With Your Gut

With so many graduation dresses out there to choose from, it can sway your opinions onto dresses that you may not even like in a week. First of all, before you buy any dress you should try it on to make sure it is the right one. Also, you should take photos to look back on so you can visibly see which one looks best. Your friends and family might try to sway your opinion, but overall you should be going with your gut. Choose the dress you feel is the right one, and stick with your decision.

 Accessories Well

No graduation outfit is complete without the correct accessories. You should not skip on buying special jewellery such as moonstone rings for the occasion, as they can be kept as keepsakes for you to remember the special day. Find jewellery that perfectly matches the style of dress, and stick with the same metals to avoid any sort of overpowering look.

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately the graduation dress that you choose should be down to your style and option. If you feel better in a tailored suit, stick to that. If you want to feel elegant find the dress that makes you feel like the classy smart lady you are! Stay true to yourself.

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