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How To Bring Art Deco Inspiration Into Your Home

The Art Deco era, between the 1920s and 30s, is known to be one of the most famous and iconic eras of all time. It was a transitional time between WWI and WWII, where there was a newfound anti-traditional elegance in society, as people were no longer happy to abide by social norms that were previously in place. Additionally, the economy was booming, so more and more people were becoming middle class and could begin to live a more luxurious lifestyle. 

Every part of life was strongly influenced, from industry to fashion and hospitality to jewellery, completely transforming life as it was known. One major element that was transformed was architecture, which became an inspiration for the changes in other parts of society. Sleek, strong lines and glamorous interiors overtook, a trend which has become exceptionally popular nearly 100 years later. People want a touch of this era and everything that it represents in their home, which is why we are here with some tips on how to bring Art Deco inspiration into your space, no matter your budget. 

Add Brass Elements

Opulence was a vital component of Art Deco interior design, and to achieve this, brass elements around the home were extremely popular. If you want to add some Art Deco to your home, this is especially good as you can choose something no matter your budget, whether it’s new doorknobs on your kitchen cupboards or something larger like chairs with brass legs. The reason that brass is often chosen over metal is that it brings a real warmth to the space, much more than something like silver would. Having a few signature brass elements around your home will help to bring that piece of glamour that it might be missing, which was essential in the roaring 20s. 

Choose Geometric Patterns

Another thing that you can do to bring some Art Deco inspiration to your home is to choose geometric patterns for your wallpaper, rugs, curtains, soft furnishings and so much more. Art Deco architecture was largely centred around symmetrical designs, vertical lines and geometric shapes, as this offered something completely futuristic that hadn’t been seen before. These patterns were very repetitive and a key feature of Art Deco design. Luckily, this is such a simple component to implement into your own home, whether you buy a £5 cushion for your sofa or completely wallpaper your home. You have so much freedom with this too in terms of colour palettes, so you can make this component fit in so well with your home. 

Focus On The Small, Vintage Details

One of the best things you can do to bring Art Deco inspiration into your home is to get yourself a few small details that are from the era itself. Head online and take a look at different vintage stores and find some beautiful additions to your home. You could get 1920s drinks to stand to decorate with beautiful glassware and your favourite spirits, perhaps you choose a 1920s jewellery box to store all of your vintage jewellery, you could get some authentic Art Deco light fixtures or something as small as vintage candle stands. With a larger budget, a piece of authentic 1920s art will have a great impact on your home, as 1920’s artists brought completely new standards for art including Abstract Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism. Although the bigger details are important, it’s the smaller ones that are actually from the era that will  help to bring history and character into your home. 

Final Thoughts

The Art Deco era was spectacular for so many reasons, so it is no wonder you want to bring some of this magic into your home. We hope we’ve introduced a few different options for you that should be suitable for any budget, so you can bring this decadence and richness into your space. We all deserve to fall in love with our homes every time we walk through the door, and if glamour and luxury are more your styles, then taking Art Deco inspiration for your home is the way to do it. Start small and build up to create your dream Art Deco home. 

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