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How to be a successful crusher operator with Etrack Crushers?

At Etrack Crushers, they frequently share, discuss, and reflect on the state of the industry, the individuals they’ve known in the business, and the successful and unsuccessful. The leading crusher manufacturer in India began to recognise recurring themes in their observations that they believe are essential to share and discuss.

The truth is that few of us began our careers in this industry at a tender age. Some of us got into this business because of a familial connection, but most of us in the crushing and screening sector got into it because of a summer job. We worked in the dirt, replaced some screens, repaired some belting, and cleaned out a conveyor. As a result of our perseverance, care, and innovative ideas, we were promoted and made foreman, allowing us to be concerned about the entire process and not just our portion. One might even call operators true “Rock stars”.

Another observation is that this is a difficult enterprise! There is no “University of crushing” or “School for Gravel” where one can earn a master’s degree in efficiently reducing large rocks to tiny rocks of the proper size and shape. But with decades of experience, the prominent manufacturer of gravel screens in India has observed that the most successful individuals share the majority or all of these traits.

They employ robust measurement systems to motivate improvement

For figuring out the difference between cost and pricing, understanding throughput, and knowing how to enhance it, measuring system data is required. At a minimum, the most effective measure is:

  • Daily production of conforming materials
  • Per day/shift/month/year, downtime by cause
  • Manganese lives in terms of tonnes, days, and hours.
  • The lifespan of media is measured in tonnes, days, and hours.
  • Revenue per operational hour
  • Comprehensive maintenance documents

There are numerous other measurements that make it simpler to analyse operating practices, particularly when feed quality is variable. In the hands of the right individuals, effective measurement systems support, and drive continuous and economy equipment by Etrack Crushers there will be improvement of operations and increase profitability.

They recognise that expense and price are distinct factors

The cost of something is the amount of money expended to acquire it. Cost is measured over time or in units as operational measures.  Although the price may be lower, the cost per tonne produced and the annual cost are both higher. Whatever the case, the rule applies. Cost is distinct from price, and the lowest price does not necessarily correspond to the lowest cost/operations or cost/unit. Etrack Crushers champions your cause for the economy and helps you lower the costs so that you can reap maximum profits

They are aware of throughput

Throughput is distinct from production per hour or per day; it refers to the amount of sellable, in-specification material that is on the ground at the end of a financial period (month/quarter/year). When in operation, operation A produces an average of 400 tonnes per hour. They must relocate their inventory five times per year while relocation requires four days which results in a loss of 20 working days per year. When in operation, Operation B produces an average of 400 tonnes per hour and must relocate its distribution five times per year. Operation B can be relocated and crushed in two days, resulting in a loss of 10 working days per year. The seasonal difference on a ten-hour day is 40,000 tonnes. There are instances when this disparity may cost over 3 crores in certain cases. Over the duration of the spread, this is a significant and pure bottom-line benefit, as the annual cost of operations in both cases is comparable.

  • They implement sound concepts

The most successful operators we observe are receptive to concepts, willing to examine how their production processes are set up, and receptive to alternative approaches. These operators are willing to listen, analyse, and investigate their operations to determine if they can be improved. If the experiment is successful, the concept is adopted. For instance, equipment by Etrack Crushers provides regular reporting to owners. The equipment can be tracked remotely from anywhere across the planet also it will provide you with updates on maintenance on wear and tear. This saves long-term maintenance expenses. A true rock star cannot ask for a better deal than equipment which is low on maintenance but also uses 70% less energy.

To wind up

It is about time you provide your business with the equipment it deserves. The leading manufacturer of mobile stone crusher in India is there to make your business more profitable and efficient. Contact now and transform your business today.

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Etrack Crushers: Crusher Manufacturer
At Etrack Crushers, they frequently share, discuss, and reflect on the state of the industry, the individuals they've known in the business, and the successful and unsuccessful.
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