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How IB Tok Tutors Help Students

  • IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation), has updated the IB TOK syllabus in Autumn 2022. The 1600-word essay is now replaced by a 950-word Ib Tok exhibition help.
  • Tok exhibitions require students to first choose from the given 35 prompts and then develop their work using the rubrics provided by IB.
  • IB TOK Exhibition requires individual planning and mentorship. IB TOK Tutors are needed to help you establish a strong relationship between IA prompts and objects. Let’s dive in and learn more about the IB TOK Exhibition.

A look at the IB TOK Exhibition from our IB TOK Online Tutors

  • IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK), is internally assessed and moderated externally. It comprises 33% of the final marks. This is one-third of the overall marks.
  • It is a simple assessment. Each task requires 8 hours of teaching. Only 5/6 hours are required for tutoring with IB TOK Tutors. This assessment must be completed by students in their first year of the diploma program.
  • They must choose one of the 35 IA prompts to begin. To illustrate the global manifestation of TOK, they should include all three objects in their commentary.

Learn the reason behind the IB TOK Exhibition in our IB TOK Tuition Class

Students are nurtured in many ways by the TOK exhibition

  • Choose a unique IA question to engrave the quality and exploration.
  • Our students need your support to express their opinions with confidence.
  • It gives people the freedom to think and communicate their ideas to others. It is remarkable how it can help you achieve IB TOK’s goals.

Pay close attention to the components of the IB TOK Exhibition.

  • IA Prompt – You have 35 IA prompts. Choose one to use in your TOK Exhibition.
  • Three objects: Choose three objects that are easily related to your prompt question. Show your moderators why these objects are appropriate for your IA prompt. You can also use a photo of a textbook page with essential information or a tweet from any political leader. Keep in mind that objects are contextualized with the real world. It is something that should be visible in the real world. You can also use digital and physical objects.         
  • Commentary (950 words). Your commentary should not contain a proper explanation or pertinent explanation. It should also link your prompt question to your selected images. You must explain briefly and clearly why you chose the prompt and all of those objects.

IB TOK tutoring is necessary.

We understand that you may be confused about where to begin and how to get there after reading the TOK Exhibition Guide. We will provide a simple solution to all your questions about the TOK Exhibition. We offer IB TOK Exhibition tutors to help you with your IB TOK Exhibition preparation. Our TOK tutors will address your concerns, listen carefully to you, and answer all your questions. Our IB TOK Exhibition tutors can also help:

  • How do you showcase your exhibition?
  • Your reasoning and representational thinking skills will be enhanced.
  • How can you demonstrate the theory and knowledge of the prompt?
  • Link your IA Quick Question and your objects.
  • How to use different areas of knowledge (AOKs).
  • Find the purpose of your prompt.
  • How can we identify and include knowledge’s nature?
  • Talk about the important things in front of your moderators.
  • How do you provide clear and correct reasoning?
  • To create an attractive outline or structure to the IB TOK Exhibition.
  • To choose the three most relevant and unique objects.

How do our IB TOK Tutors help students?

  • IB TOK tutors encourage students to analyze the question or statement in order to write a TOK essay.
  • Our IB Maths Tutors Guide students to explore abstract ideas and theories in real-world cases and examples.
  • Clear communication is key to TOK. It should relate to other academic disciplines and real-world situations.
  • It’s exciting to encourage students to use unexpected case studies in support of their essay arguments. It is important that students consider secondary and primary sources strategically, so they can refine their writing.
  • IB TOK tutors encourage students to think outside of the box. Students should seek out sources that will show how they approach their questions from different angles when they conduct research.
  • Students learn from IB TOK tutors how to cite every source to verify the validity and value of their work. This shows that they are aware of how they are acquiring knowledge.
  • Our IB Online tutors suggest that memory be included in the TOK essay. They place their discussion in History or Theatre Arts.
  • The IB tutor’s curiosity in asking how they can inspire students in TOK.