Webmail Emails

How Do You Access Webmail Emails? Most Appropriate Techniques

You have an email account, but how do you access it online through webmail? So, in this article we are going to discuss how to access webmail emails. 

Most companies use domain-based email accounts like name@domain.com to maintain official business. First, we understand what webmail is and the advantages of it. 

What is Webmail?

Webmail applications enable you to access webmail emails using a web browser. You can open and read email and perform other tasks. Some of the examples of webmail such as www.gmail.comwww.yahoomail.com and others. There are two famous webmail applications that you can use-

  • Round cube – It is a web-based IMAP email client. It provides the full functionality you expect from an email application. You can import and use an address book and use IMAP folders with drag & drop organization. 
  • Horde – it is a collection of simple online apps for collaboration. You can read, send and organize emails and share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. 

Advantage of Webmail

There are some advantage of webmail, which are given below’-

  • If you have a domain based email user then it allows you to read, send and delete email messages.
  • Webmail is a web based app, so you can access email accounts from anywhere.
  • There is no need to download or install a third party email client.

Ways to Access Webmail Emails

Webmail is an online based app so there is no need to set up anything. If you want to access your webmail emails then open your browser and type www.domain.com/webmail, replacing domain.com with your domain name. Firstly,  Enter your Email address and password to sign in your email account. After that click on Login To Webmail to access the interface. Now you can access your emails from your email account.

You can easily open webmail emails using the webmail app but if you want to access webmail emails from another device then it is not possible. Because, in the IMAP account you cannot access the data on another device. However, we use a professional solution to open webmail emails.

Expert Solution to Access Webmail Emails

Corbett Email Backup Wizard is an effective tool to complete this task. Using this tool you can directly access emails. The tool provides the facility to take backup of the data from 209+ email clients with all attributes. It downloads emails in multiple formats such as EML, MBOX, PST, PDF, MSG, CSV etc. The tool allows you to move mail from server to server. It gives you the ability to select backup only for particular data. The tool maintains the folder hierarchy after the backup process. 

The software has made it possible to backup IMAP emails from one platform to another platform with all attributes. The tool backs up your emails from cloud servers to a local hard drive.  It gives 100% data integrity so, there is no chance of data loss. The tool is compatible with all latest and old versions of the Windows Operating System. 

Steps of the Tool

  • Firstly, Download and run tool on your system
  • Now, go to Open button and click on Email Accounts and select Add Account
  • Then Add your Email address and password and click on Add button
  • After that click on Find button to add the IMAP server and click on Add button
  • The software is loaded file and folder from your account, enable the compact view button to access it
  • Click on Email to view the message preview with all attributes
  • Click on Content option to view the full body of the email
  • Select Message Header option to view the detailed routing information of the email
  • Select Hex View option to view the hexadecimal digit of the email
  • Select Raw Message option to see the preview of email in raw file format
  • Now click on All search option to find the information within the email
  • After that click on Emails search option to search information from name, subject, cc, to, content etc.
  • Click on Export button and select desire file format from drop down menu for backup process
  • Now click on Browse button to save the output
  • At last click on Save button to start the backup process
  • You can see the live status of backup process
  • After export is done you can open the folder to view the emails


In this article we have discussed how to access webmail emails. There is a direct method to open webmail emails using any web browser. But in this method you have some limitations. So experts recommended using a third party tool to open webmail emails.