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Hotel Room Design Trends & Location in 2023

The travel and hospitality industry is a rebound in 2022, and keeping up with the latest design trend is more important than ever. Currently, the hotel industry aims to differentiate itself from the competition and engage new and retain old customers. Various things attract customers, like amenities and services, and the most crucial thing is design choices; all are pivotal decisions that hotel owners should take to engage customers and earn repeat business. 

Overall, while looking at hotel room design trends, many hoteliers try to create an inviting space that will elicit a feeling of “home away from home.” However, providing a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere leaves the guest with positive feedback, and it will enhance the brand image. 

Below are some exciting hotel room design trends available to see and follow in 2023. Any hotel owner who wants to create a similar experience must follow the latest trends to grow in business.

Innovative Design Trends Watch in 2023 

The pandemic forced hotel management to change how they serve and, most important, how they will treat the guest. Thus, you can expect innovative hotel room design trends in 2023. 

1. Choose Peaceful Color Palette

Selecting a peaceful color palette is essential for every hotel room design. Thus, creating a relaxing vibe for the bedroom is crucial. It is a belief that a neutral color palette leads to a calm and soothing experience, a serene sense of mind, and feel this more tangibly than in the bedroom. However, the neutral palette goes beyond the walls, and upholstery works together to create a peaceful space where guests can escape the chaos of daily life. 

Thus, while integrating location into hotel design, it is crucial to pay attention to the color scheme. The guest will like muted colors that feel bright and soft to the mind. 

2. Add a Simple Working Table

Sometimes the guest becomes inspired and has to write down beautiful thoughts. Also, many people travel for business purposes. Thus, having the presence of a small table in the room is essential. It will accommodate the guests’ needs. Business travelers require desks from time to time to work on projects. Thus, a working table is necessary as it adds style to the room. Custom hotel furniture in hotel plays a crucial role in room design and sets the new trend in upcoming years.

3. Consider Wooden Work

The sonorous click of footwear over wooden flooring is often similar to luxury hotel design. Many hotel owners are generous with their wooden work for valid reasons. However, the wooden ceiling and floor can transform your space into a presidential suite. The best way to use wood in hotel design is in the study and master bedroom. 

Some hotel owners will use this hotel room design trend to explore and combine this luxury flooring with unique wood tables and chairs. Also, placing four poster wood-crafted beds in the master bedroom will take its design to the next level. 

4. Use a Comfortable Sofa Arm Chair

Sometimes the hotel room is much more than a place to sleep. Besides everything else in hotels, hotel design plays a colossal role, so it is imperative to furnish them with custom hotel furniture. A hotel room’s comfort and ergonomics can turn it from a drab area into one that creates a stunning impression on guests’ minds. 

Thus, along with a luxury bed, it is essential to place stylish sofa seating inviting, making your guest feel at home. Find the sofas that will match hotel room design trends, from contemporary style seating to classic full leather sofas. 

5. Integrate Technology in Room

In the current scenario, it is crucial to integrate technology into everyday lives, including hotels. The hotel guest will appreciate the technology that lessens the work, like controlling the room temperature and lighting with one click. The hotel can offer charging stations for devices near the bed and TV with streaming facilities. 

Suppose any hotel owner wants to wow the guest and add a virtual reality system or in-room tablet. This enables your hotel to stand apart from competitors and engage many new visitors. 

Why is it Important For Hotel Owners to follow Latest Hospitality Trends?

The trends are like coming and going, and many successful hospitality companies constantly evolve. If your hotel wants to succeed, you should continuously follow th latest trends. It includes everything from marketing efforts and processes embracing the newest technology to responding to global events. By following trends, it is possible to reach the target audience and retain them for the long term. 

But, if a hotel fails to keep up with the latest hospitality trends can have some negative consequences. In the worst scenario, it will lead to your business failing to deliver the experience the customer expects from you. 


Following these simple hotel room design trends will make your hotel stylish and place you ahead of the curve. Additionally, using excellent furniture will enhance the glory of a hotel room. Sara Hospitality will provide aesthetic furniture that suits customer needs without investing considerably. The hotel owner can find stylish and aesthetic pieces at an affordable rate.