Travel Within Budget with Your Travel Credit Card

Go Travel & Explore Within Budget: Earn and Redeem Travel Rewards with your Credit Card

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries known for their excellent tourism experiences, such as Thailand, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, and Hawaii, have reopened their borders. You know what this means: it’s time to travel again!

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Traveling is always fun. It’s a way to take a break from your daily routine, explore new places, see stunning views, meet new people, and get acquainted with other cultures. However, as much as travelling is fun, it may also be costly. It’s an investment you need to save up for and look forward to after a few months.

There are several ways to save and earn perks while travelling. One way of doing this is by using a travel credit card.

What is a Travel Credit Card?

A travel credit card is a type of credit card meant to collect points and grant travel-specific rewards through spending. It’s dedicated to credit card owners who are fond of traveling. It’s a great way to earn travel perks as you spend, making it better for travelling than a typical credit card.

5 Perks and Rewards of a Travel Credit Card

Take advantage of a travel credit card and enjoy these five common perks and rewards.

  1. Intro bonuses
    Although not travel-related, an intro bonus is one of the best credit card rewards you can get. Some banks offer a pre-loaded card the moment you get one. You are already given a generous reward by signing up for a travel credit card.
  2. Travel insurance
    Some banks provide travel insurance to travel credit card users, which protects and grants them compensation in case of accidents, lost luggage, and trip delays or cancellations. These travel insurances can also cover users when they avail of rental cards.
  3. Airline miles
    Airline miles, or frequent flyer miles, are points you can collect and exchange for perks and rewards such as flights, hotel stays or upgrades, show admissions, or bonuses your bank’s partner airline offers. Some airline miles are given through the following:
  • Free checking of bags or faster airport security screening
  • Priority boarding
  • Discounts on inflight purchases
  • Entry to airport lounges, where you can rest and relax, get complimentary food, and access WiFi
  • Companion certificates
  1. Hotel points
    This type of travel credit card perk covers free overnight stays, room upgrades, complimentary food and drinks, discounts on in-house purchases, and free access to hotel amenities, such as facials, massages, gym facilities, and even pedicures.

    Availing of a free overnight stay can save you money. In addition, free access to these hotel amenities while traveling makes the experience more relaxing and enjoyable.
  2. Cashback
    Another helpful travel credit card reward is cashback or cash returned to your account for your transactions. Some banks limit cashback to their partner brands and companies, while others allow you to spend it however and wherever you want.

4 Tips to Maximize Your Travel Credit Cards

The first thing you need to do to get a travel credit card is to ensure a qualified credit score. Banks have different criteria for qualifications. This is where using your credit card and borrowing responsibly can pay off since you’ll get higher credit scores and chances of getting approved.

  1. Apply for a card that suits your spending – Each travel credit card has its guidelines and requirements. Some travel credit cards have higher rewards for specific expenses, such as gas, groceries, or dining. Therefore, apply for a card that covers most of your costs, so you won’t be forced to buy things you don’t need. Doing so allows you to maximize these high-reward-earning categories. In addition, some banks charge application and annual fees for their credit cards. Consider these extra costs when choosing which bank to sign up for a travel credit card. If you are unfamiliar with these processes, you can employ the help of a financial advisor to sort things out for you.
  2. Get qualified for the intro bonus – Some banks require a minimum amount of spending to avail of their generous intro bonus. Of course, you don’t want to overspend to meet the requirement as it defeats the purpose. You can ask your friends to use your card when paying for travel necessities. This way, you can quickly spend below your limit and reach the qualified mark.
  3. Collect points and rewards in preparation for travel – The primary purpose of a travel credit card is to collect points and rewards you can utilize for your travels. Ensure that you redeem the right perks and rewards wisely. While planning your itinerary, outline everything you need, such as accommodation, food, and transportation. Check if your bank’s affiliate brands or partners offer these services and amenities. If so, find out if you can use your card points to redeem them.
  4. Explore the entire coverage of your points and rewards – While it’s exciting to avail of free services and amenities using your travel credit card, you must also understand their coverage to avoid paying for any extra coverage you unknowingly utilized. As much as possible, go for a card or rewards that offer insurance on your trip. This insurance will serve as extra security while you are travelling.

Travel Within Budget with Your Travel Credit Card

Traveling is always a great way to relax and explore the rest of the world. Many countries have reopened their borders after the pandemic, giving you more options for where to go.

With the right travel credit card, you no longer have to worry about costly travel expenses. All you need to do is learn how to maximize your card, collect points and rewards, and avail airline and hotel discounts and perks, travel insurance, and a guaranteed excellent travelling experience.

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