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Fitting Salwars to Your Body Type, Latest Fashion Trends 2023

The definition and meaning of wearing a salwar suit have changed over the years. From its early representation in Bollywood movies to being the go-to dress for older Indian women who were typically married and at home, the salwar suit is today an icon of fashion. With the new generation surpassing the old with fashion discoveries, the salwar suit has recently returned as a fashion statement.

Though salwar suits are now recognized as a universal dress for all ages and body types of women, it is always better to know the type or style of clothing that best suits one’s body. Today, it’s not only a matter of suiting one’s body, it’s about accentuation. The better one styles themselves, the more confidence one gets when placed in a public setting.

The ultimate goal of the concept behind fashion is to create unique looks that are eye-catching and boost the confidence of the wearer.

Salwar Suits & Body Types: A Short Guide

Before we talk about what is the ideal style of salwar suit for women, it is important to know about the origin of this fashion. Salwar suits are from the northern region of India and the eastern part of Pakistan. The suit is considered to be very traditional in cultures, but today it has been dialed down to a more casual style.

A short guide to salwar suits and body types is as follows:

· Straight-cut salwar suit:

This is the most common type of salwar suit that can be paired with any type of legging. Though a universal type of salwar suit, the style, and design of the salwar make it perfect for a triangle, box, or hourglass-shaped body. Being a straight-line clothing piece it can both hide and accentuate bodies.

● Anarkali salwar suit:

Following the traditional Anarkali pattern, Anarkali salwar suits can be paired with any type of legging and a dupatta to be the perfect traditional dress. Perfect for glass, triangle, oval, and hourglass-shaped bodies. These salwars have an accentuated waist to highlight the figure of the wearer.

● Frock-styled salwar suit:

As per the name, a short kurti that has flares at the bottom when paired with the right type of pants forms a frock-styled salwar suit. Since these have a lot of cloth going into them, they are perfect for oval-shaped bodies. Frock-styled salwar suits are also universal and are great comfort wear for women.

Apart from these major types of salwar suits that are available, the other are variations of the straight-cut salwar with different pants, skirts, jackets, and even cuts on the front or side.

What’s important to know about salwar suits is that the plainest suits can be customized and made to fit according to the body type of the wearer. For example, with the addition of a jacket or a belt, the wearer can accentuate their figure and the clothes. In addition, it is also good to note that the types of accessories that pair with a salwar suit can either make or break the overall look.

Since salwar suits are one of the core pieces of clothing for traditional wear in India and are the embodiment of what “Indian clothes” should be like, it is only right for the clothing to be paired with accessories that accentuate tradition. A pair of jhumkis, danglers, chand balis, or maybe even trending oxidized accessories would be perfect with the fit.

For more formal occasions, we at SM Creation recommend wearing bright salwar suits with a lot of embroidery or handiwork that will make your style stand out. In addition, we also recommend wearing accessories that are pure and heavy to compliment your style.

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