DomainRacer vs GoDaddy Hosting 2023 - (Top Features Comparison)

DomainRacer vs GoDaddy Hosting Review – (Top Features Comparison)

Top Feature Overview of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy

The web hosting providers that provide affordable hosting services that are the DomainRacer vs GoDaddy comparison. You can start your website within a minute if you can purchase their plans.

 For finding which plan is better for you then you have to find out this comparison between two cheap web hosting services companies as follows.

DomainRacer, when we come to domains and web hosting services, is one of the biggest and most reliable companies. One of the major selling points of this company is the cheapest price of the services that DomainRacer provides.

 The services like with less price large, medium and small businesses, also as well as individuals, they are not costing any extra for that because of that they can enjoy hosting services.

 To manage their online presence in an effective and result-oriented way its control panel and interface have made it so easy it happens only due to that for every individual or business.

GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain names in the market. This company is also providing large web hosting services to various small businesses and as well as individuals.

In both DomainRacer and GoDaddy categories, It faces tough competition but it has managed to stand the test of time.

Speed and Performance of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy Comparison

DomainRacer performance score is can see it in images. And if you are using your website will almost be accessible every second.

It is very hard to find any web hosting service provider which comes with a great performance score. GoDaddy has a performance score of 65% which is not impressive at all for web hosting.


The time which requires your web content to load from the server here speed is the time and that is known as response time.

Any visitors do not have the patience of waiting to load web content and display for them. so you need to improve fast response time to optimize the visitor’s experience.

 In between DomainRacer and GoDaddy comparison, DomainRacer speed is above GoDaddy.

By checking the speed test GoDaddy is average that takes 9 seconds to fully load the content of a website.  When DomainRacer takes time to load is only 2.3 seconds by taking a comparison of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy.

So, it shows that DomainRacer is multiple times faster than GoDaddy.and this huge difference occurs mainly due to Solid State Drives (SSD).

 Here if the speed is the major factor then go through the DomainRacer this is the best choice for you.


The speed and quality of performance DomainRacer vps reseller hosting is the best option. Because the hosting plans are faster like it performs up to 20 times faster than regular servers as they perform which is powered by 20x faster Solid State Device (SSD)and LiteSpeed Servers, as compared to GoDaddy

Which doesn’t offer fast services and rank as D page speed score. Here the total page size and fully loaded time are low than GoDaddy.

DomainRacer vs GoDaddy Features Advantages

DomainRacer –

More effective features than GoDaddy and these features are:

  • For your website and database unlimited hosting is provided.
  • For .com and .in free domain for them as well as free domain to any user.
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, and FTP are free.
  • 20x faster LiteSpeed technology than most of its competitions.
  • Based on users on their plans unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • Top security tools – Imunify360 and Imunify AV+
  • Reliable and secure – CloudLinux environment


When you choose GoDaddy as hosting your website, there are some of the amazing features which are described below:

  • By using different themes over 1000.that is used for beautiful customization
  • whole year with several businesses features free SSL certificates are provides
  • Without paying any extra charges You can back up your data each day.
  • The feature of many basic packages in lots of plugins.
  • No limits to the number of websites or databases that can be hosted on the service
  • Bandwidth is unlimited for all users also its features are a lot of wonderful business packages they provide.

SSL Certificates Comparison of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy

The internet which allows secure connections from a web server to a web browser SSL certificate is an important part of it because this SSL certificate is like an extra layer of security on the internet.

From most of the services, the best web hosting solutions always provide security to the top priority and that is provided by DomainRacer

It offers SSL certificates with all plans which start from Rs59 to Rs.249. Here is GoDaddy, it offers SSL certificates only with plans like ultimate which is from 449Rs.

  • Pricing comparison of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy


Here in DomainRacer, it offers four updated plans for the customer which is Basic Personal, Silver, and advanced shared web hosting.

  • Basic – this plan is especially to host a single website that goes for Rs59 per month and features free SSL, 1GB of storage, and 5GB of bandwidth.
  • Personal – this second plan is also to host a single website. This plan costs 99Rs monthly and has free SSL, unlimited SSD, and bandwidth.
  • Silver – It can host at most 3 websites at a time and the price of the silver plan is 169Rs per month. In this plan, you get free SSL, also unlimited SSD, and bandwidth.
  • Advanced – this plan .in and .com domains are free and the costs 249Rs.per month and offers a free SSL certificate. For this plan are all unlimited the bandwidth, SSD, and the number of hosted websites.
  • GoDaddy

Here GoDaddy offers four plans to the customer which is categorized by price and plans and services  they offered that is shown below,

  • Basic– in this plan its costs just 99Rs per month and covers 30GB storage, free domain, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support for solving all technical issues, and free business emails. For only a single website this plan is valid.
  • Deluxe – This plan is also for a single website it has 75GB storage. it adds unlimited subdomains, also website backup protection is provided. And all these amazing features cost at 229Rs.per month which is more than DomainRacer plan.
  • Ultimate – the ultimate plan costs 449Rs per month and it has all features of the deluxe plan like a free SSL certificate for a whole year. It also provides unlimited databases and power of duplex plan times two of the processing memory.
  • Ecommerce– this is the most advanced and high-cost plan for the shared option of GoDaddy which goes for 1139 Rs. It comes with all the features of the above plans. Also, it offers a free SSL certificate, double maximum site traffic, and double processing memory and power.

The cost of these plans is too much higher than DomainRacer plan in which they provided all of the features into their packages you can observe in comparison of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy.


When you are looking best in one, Based on the comparison and test performance, Uptimes and page loading times have to be on top of your list.

This is a high in priority and you should try your best web hosting provides an affordable price and choose the web hosting services according to that. By comparison of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy, here DomainRacer is the best option for you.

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