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Do I need to get my boiler serviced & why?

Be it for your home or for any other appliance in your home, maintenance means a lot. And so it’s also for your boiler. To get your boiler to give effective and smooth service, it should be serviced annually.

As you are delaying or ignoring boiler service, you are giving a path for the minor issues in your boiler to take big shape, increase your energy bills, and also putting your boiler warranty go at stake.

Even poisonous CO gas emissions, fire explosions, and huge expenses on boiler repairs can also come on the way.

So how often you should get your boiler serviced?

A gas or oil boiler needs to be serviced at least once a year. Doing this, you get the peace of mind that your boiler has been checked by a registered gas engineer, and is now safe and effective. Keep in mind, in certain scenarios, if your boiler is too old, you can arrange for a servicing even in 6 months intervals.

However, if it’s an electric boiler, you don’t need boiler servicing that often. But still, it’s a wiser decision to get it checked at times.

Now, for a landlord, it is mandatory to have all the gas appliances including the flue system in the rented property to be serviced annually. Any mishap caused due to a faulty, unserviced boiler can get the landlord to be in trouble with legal prosecution.

What is Boiler Servicing?

Boiler servicing is the procedure by which a registered engineer can inspect your boiler to see if it’s working fine. Usually, the process takes about 30 minutes or more. Anyways, what a professional normally does during a boiler service is as follows:

Visual Check: At the start of the process, a registered gas engineer will inspect with close eyes, whether the boiler is good from every end. Any sort of leaks, corrosions, or minor or major damages should get identified and then repaired soon.

Check the Boiler Inner Parts: Once he is done with checking the boiler from the outside, the gas engineer takes the next step where he removes the boiler casing. Doing this will help him do a thorough analysis of the internal main components of the boiler, to see if they are all in the right operational state.

Check Gas Pressure and Flue Combustion Release: Then the gas engineer checks the boiler gas pressure to maintain its optimum service.

Also, as a very important measure, he checks the flue combustion release, where he identifies if there is any such obstruction in the flue discharge and also if it is safely fitted. Thereby it will prevent any dangerous emissions.

Verify Boiler Operation: Coming to the end of the process, the gas engineer fires up the boiler and, thereby, checks if there are any working defects with the boiler.

Issue a Report: With the completion of the Boiler Service, a registered gas engineer should issue a report. Here, it should be explained in detail the work he had delivered, any boiler issue, he had identified and fixed, and the way it should be looked after later on to get effective service.

Who can do Boiler Servicing?

Not everyone can do it, Only a gas-safe registered engineer is eligible to service your gas boiler. He is the one who is trained to remove the boiler casing and work on its internal components. Otherwise, if anyone unskilled is handling it, even a minor error he makes in his ignorance can result in dangerous explosions.

  • Time to do Boiler Servicing

As have been told earlier, boiler servicing should be done at an interval of 12 months. So if you have serviced your boiler for the first time while you have shifted to a new house, you can keep in your mind that time of the year. Boiler servicing should not be delayed more than a year to get your boiler service better.

In general, any time of the year should be fine to get your boiler serviced. But, to get the best of your convenience, you can choose summertime for boiler servicing.

Having your boiler serviced can make you suffer for a certain period with no heating and hot water, which is not a big thing during the hot season. Moreover, the gas engineers have relatively more vacant spaces in their time schedules at this time of the year. Thereby, you can avail of them at your convenient time, and can even get the service at a relatively discounted price than during the winter.

  • On what does the boiler service cost matter?

Boiler Service Costs can move up from 80 to 90 in the UK. However, for a major city like London, it can rise up to even 160.

Anyways, to know the right price for your Boiler Service, you should know that it depends on certain factors like:

1. Place you live in

2. The kind of fuel your boiler is using

3. Boiler brand

4. What type of Boiler is it is-Combi, System, Conventional

5. Time of the year, you are servicing

How vital is Boiler Servicing?

Boilers are important and so it’s vital to have them well-maintained.And, for that, you need to have a boiler serviced. Now, we have explained, here, the various reasons for Boiler Servicing:

Maintain the Warranty Benefits: Most boiler manufacturers give your boiler the warranty benefits, on the ground if it is properly serviced every year by a registered gas engineer. Any delay in boiler servicing can lead to a breach of its warranty benefits. So it’s that important to get your boiler serviced and also on time.

Get Hassle-free Service: Boiler Servicing can help the gas engineer detect any major faults or minor defects. Therefore, as you get those issues rectified in time, you can have that peace of mind of getting uninterrupted heating and hot water service.

Save on Heating Bills: Servicing your boiler can get the appliance effective, clean, and properly tuned. That way it would use less fuel to do its job and bring more savings on energy bills.

Reduce Repair Expenses: As boiler servicing detects even the slightest problem with your appliance, it prevents those things to take a bad shape later. So, since you don’t have any such faults unnoticed, you can save on those huge repair expenses in the coming future.

For some people, boiler servicing would seem to be a simple waste of money. But if you look at its benefits, you would find that it is just worth more than what you spend on it. However, a registered and experienced gas engineer is the best fit to get it done. So if you are looking for someone with such expertise, contact F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

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