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Is it plagiarism or is it everybody jumping on a trend

Social copying is something that happens on various social media platforms and it cannot be avoided. But you need to know how to protect your brand from stealing content. Back in the year 2017, Jeff Allen who is the senior data scientist of Facebook stated that around 40% of traffic on Facebook pages visited the pages that stole or rephrased most of their content. Social media plagiarism is often recognized only when large and established brands try to rip off small brands. And when no one is held responsible for plagiarism on such platforms, it spreads. Facebook was reluctant to remove all the stolen content that was related to anti-vaccination and QAnon conspiracies even after having platform policies that strictly prohibit the posting of any kind of stolen content.

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Why Is SEO So Important For E-commerce Websites? 

SEO is one of those marketing strategies that many businesses ignore, including e-commerce websites. One of the reasons for this is that it constantly changes, with Google releasing algorithm updates throughout the year. However, it is a fantastic digital marketing strategy that can grow your business.  SEO isn’t a quick win which can guarantee you […]

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The 5 Top Strategies for Creating a Profitable Branded Video Content Campaign

Video advertising and marketing is quickly becoming the most popular form of generating leads and sales because it is so effective. Brands are continuously exploring new ways to tell their story with video, but many marketers find that they don’t have the right resources or expertise to produce compelling content on their own. That’s where […]