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5 Best Vocational Courses in Computer Applications: A Detailed Guide

Everyone today wants a good degree that can provide them with both practical and theoretical knowledge and can be completed in less time. Keeping these things in mind, what can be better than vocational courses? Suppose you want to pursue an undergraduate degree in computer application, you can consider taking admission to a computer application engineering college in Nagpur.

Vocational degrees are basically undergraduate courses introduced by the government to help students turn their skills and hobbies into a money-making strategy. Courses that are vocational help students grab the skills required by the industry and gain practical knowledge about the interested field.  In order to gain practical skills, a good college and a recognizable degree would help.

Let us have a look at the course curriculum of computer applications under the vocational degree program:

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  1.  Certification Course for 6 months


Certification of Computer Applications (CCA) is a course with a duration of six months that makes you master the most advanced technologies in Computer applications or I.T. It is all about learning everything starting from the basics of the working of a computer to all the hardware and software technologies. The duration of this course is 6 months.

Job Profiles

There are many job opportunities in I.T. companies, I.T. industries, business management companies, engineering research and development, and many more.

  1.  Diploma Course for 1 Year


You can opt for a diploma course in Computer applications at any computer application engineering college in Nagpur. A diploma in computer application (DCA) focuses on the concepts such as applied math, physics, chemistry, C programming, system analysis, digital electronics, and many more. This involves study which can store, recover, manipulate, and share data.

Eligibility and Job Profiles

Students who want to pursue this course have to be 10th or 12th pass. There are a lot of job opportunities in this field in I.T. companies, Business process management I.T. industries, software products, engineering research, and many more. The common and popular job roles are IT specialist, IT programmer, IT consultant, web developer, software developer, and many more.


The duration of this course is 1 year and can be part-time or full-time.

  1.  Advance Diploma for 2 Years


Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCCA) is the course students do to master advanced technologies in the IT sector and computer application. In this course, you learn about computers and piece-by-piece information about hardware and software. In this course, you learn about computer technologies and understand the working of various parts of a computer and analyze them closely. 

Job Opportunities and Profiles

Doing this course opens the gates for jobs in IT sectors, Business managing IT companies, research and development, and many more. The common job profiles include IT specialist, IT programmer, IT consultant, web developer, and many more. 






The time duration of this course is 2 years.

  1.  B.Voc Degree for 3 Years


B.Voc or Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Computer Application is an undergraduate course that brushes the skills of the students. This course concentrates both on theoretical knowledge as well as practical application. The main aim is to learn Computer Science and software development

If you do this vocational course, from a good computer application engineering college in Nagpur or anywhere that you wish to, you can improve your practical skills and grab many opportunities in the IT industry. As this is a practical course that focuses on skill orientation along with important practical and theoretical knowledge. 


12th + NSQF LEVEL – 5&6 /

ITI (2 years) + NSQF LEVEL – 5&6/


Career Opportunities

There are ample job opportunities in both government and private sectors. The popular ones are Software developers, application development, user interface development, software coding, software testing, software analysis, etc.

TDLR-Licensed Course

The Benefits of B.Voc in Computer Applications

  1. The vocational degree in computer application wholly focuses on skill development and includes both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  2. This course focuses on practical experience in software development and computer science through profound training programs.
  3. This scheme was introduced by the government of India for those students who want to improve their skills and become experts in their preferred fields.
  4. This course also has important internship programs and sessions, which the college offers along with stipends. This makes the students earn while they are learning.
  5. The students are provided with many classes and sessions to improve their practical knowledge in the software department to train and better their skills.

There are many other benefits of choosing a vocational degree course and the above-mentioned were the top five ones to help you choose better.

Why Should Students Pursue Vocational Courses in Computer Application?

  1. Bachelor of vocational studies in this subject increases the practical knowledge of the students in the computer science industry.
  2. This course has various practical sessions which help the students to enhance their industrial skills.
  3. After this course and internship programs, students have a wide range of opportunities in various industrial sectors such as technical service, IT sectors, Business companies for IT development, and many more.
  4. This course directs the students to a good salary package for their highly qualified skills. 
  5. This takes lesser time than other bachelor’s degrees and covers many practical based skills.

Career After

The students after doing B.Voc courses can opt for M.Voc, MTech, or MBA, as per their preference, as this degree is universally recognized and has value.

Concluding Off

In short, we would like to summarize the whole topic. The computer Application course is a course that caters to the knowledge of programming languages, software development, application development, graphic designing, and many more. And pursuing a vocational degree in Computer application allows you to gain more practical and theoretical knowledge in less duration of time. 

Therefore, if you would like to pursue a vocational degree in Computer Application, you must join a computer application engineering college in Nagpur or any other place of your choice to gain practical knowledge and good experience.

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