Streetwear Fashion

A Guide to Streetwear Fashion

Where do we start with streetwear? It’s absolutely everywhere. It has so many different variances that it can be confusing to know where the sweet spot is in the style. Sometimes it can be super futuristic and modern and then other styles can be vintage. If there is anything that is certain about streetwear, is the fact that it is something between style and comfort. 

Streetwear is much more than just a trend or a style, it is now a personal identity that shows your values, and views on the world. This article is a guide to streetwear fashion and how to add your own style to the mix. 

Origins of streetwear:

To understand streetwear aesthetics, it is important to understand its roots and origins. The first scene of streetwear came from the 90 hip-hop scene and has evolved ever since. It’s hard to believe that something so raw and from the streets is now one of the most influential and exhibited fashion styles of the 21st century. 

Streetwear is presented as casual attire that consists of sportswear and comfortable clothing. The hip-hop style was seeing an increase in popularity which in turn resulted in the clothing becoming less accessible to people, but with the new streetwear game, there are pieces for all types of budgets which is why it has gained popularity at such an erratic rate. 

Streetwear origins can be traced back further than the hip-hop genre due to this culture only adopting and modifying already solid bones. This was from Shawn Stussy who owned a surf brand that started off with simple printed t-shirts. Shortly after this, skaters were adopting the style. 

The evolution of streetwear:

Streetwear was once an urban movement and a sense of personal style, it was never seen as high fashion and it was completely unheard of that it would be anything other than an attire of self-expression. But due to celebrities endorsing this style and the power of social media, it has completely disrupted the fashion industry and now almost every top designer is incorporating it into their fashion shows. 

Brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga have all launched their own style of streetwear and it has now resulted in the movement becoming much more than just a simple expression of oneself. 

Streetwear characteristics:

Streetwear has numerous characteristics and as it has evolved there have certainly been some key factors that consumers consider to be core values. Whether it’s from music, politics or sport, there have been certain movements that are now entwined with the culture of streetwear. Some characteristics include it being:

Comfort: Streetwear clothing should consist of casual clothing and athleisure such as designer tracksuits, hoodies and overshirts. Streetwear was once made from durable materials that you could fall off a skateboard, but with most luxury streetwear brands offering more delicate materials, this is not the case anymore.  

Modern: Streetwear is defying the norm when it comes to fashion as it pushes the boundaries and is aimed to now project the future. Some brands such as Balenciaga and Off White are creating modern styles with a huge twist. 

Scarcity:  hypebeast culture is a real thing and it derives from more people wanting limited editions, collaborative pieces and ultra-rare items. The exclusivity of these items bumps the prices of otherwise affordable pieces to ridiculous levels. 

Tips for styling streetwear

Start with the basics: When building a streetwear wardrobe, it’s important to start with the basics. This includes items like plain t-shirts, hoodies, and joggers. Look for brands like Champion, Nike, and Adidas for high-quality basics.

Experiment with graphic tees: Graphic tees are a staple in streetwear fashion. Graphic tees show some personality to your style which is what streetwear is all about, self-expression. There are plenty of graphic tees to choose from with a range of logos or even characters in them. Top brands to consider include Supreme and Stussy. 

Invest in Trainers: Trainers are the icing on the cake when it comes to streetwear and they can either make or break an outfit. Invest in quality not quantity when it comes to trainers. Air force 1s, Jordans and Off-white are great options.

Add layers to your outfit: layering is an essential aesthetic when it comes to streetwear. Mix and match different garms to create an outfit that will turn heads. 

Streetwear is an aesthetic for self-expression and it is something that you can add your own personality to it. Start with basics and experiment with different layers and have fun. 

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