5 Quick Tips and Tricks to Ace the PTE Exam, Pte exam date 2023

5 Quick Tips & Tricks to Ace the PTE Exam

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is one of the international exams given by non-English natives to study abroad. It consists of reading, listening, writing, and speaking, similar to the IELTS. Therefore, it is as competitive as the latter.

Achieving high scores in the PTE Academic exam is a priority for candidates, as universities, colleges, or institutes abroad search for the best students. Moreover, the grades would determine a person’s English aptitude and flexibility/adjustment among native English speakers.

As such, the exam consists of 73-80 questions. These are further segregated into twenty tasks, making it challenging for first-time attempters to score the highest in a limited time. Moreover, a few questions asked in the exam also have negative marks for wrong answers. Therefore, it is essential to follow the below-mentioned crucial exam preparation tips.

5 Important Tips to Ace the PTE Exam

  • Create a Study Plan, and Follow it Religiously

As mentioned earlier, the PTE exam consists of four sections and numerous questions asked in multiple formats. Therefore, dedicating at least two hours daily focused on self-study while covering each aspect is vital. 

One of the best practices during the study duration is to repeatedly practice answering similar questions and become familiar with multiple formats. In the end, jot down your learning on a notepad and review the learning before the next session. Give yourself remarks on each aspect and mention weekly improvements against each.

  • Join a Study Group

Even though self-preparation offers great piece of mind and increases your learning speed, it is crucial to indulge in study groups to understand methods used by others to score high marks. Sometimes you might come across people attempting the exam for the second or third time. 

Such people can inform you about their mistakes and help you avoid them during the test. Moreover, you could also find a study partner during the group learning session.

  • Learn from an Expert

Best PTE online coaching in India has become a prevalent form of exam preparation with skilled teachers available globally. The choices of tutors have become abundant, and they can’t be compared with study groups or self-preparation, as they offer valuable lessons.

The best method is to join a one-to-one online English preparation coaching class so the focus remains only on you. Moreover, you would receive tests, a customized study plan, and a focused curriculum to enhance your English language level. You also get to clear your doubts without intervention from other people during each session.

  • Attempt Online Tests

If you have a tight budget, giving online tests is the only remaining option for PTE exam preparation, as it would help you learn your current level of understanding. Unfortunately, you would have to make a judgment call on whether the answers stated in the free papers are wrong.

  • Try to Take Help from Someone

Ask a family member, relative, or friend to help you prepare for your exam. The chances are slim; however, you must leap to prepare for each exam section. It’s best to ask someone that has attempted a similar exam and moved abroad or has many reputable qualifications.