HAIR CARE TIPS 2021 | beauty tips letsaskme


The hot and sweaty summers make us want to go out to the beach and play around in the water all day long. However, during our blissful and fun day at the beach, we forget that summers can bring forth a plethora of issues for our skin and hair.

Look at these skincare tips to have glowing skin this summer! The dust and humidity also tend to affect our hair. But, not to worry, my beauties! Look at some great tips to ensure healthy and pretty hair this summer!

Let’s have a look at ‘em:

  • Don’t over-wash: All of us spend a zillion days on the beach during summers. Haha! 

At the end of the day, our hair can get unmanageable. It is full of sand and might feel harsh. However, but please don’t shampoo it all the time. Try to rinse it with water to wash away the excess dirt. Otherwise, you might end up removing all-natural oils from your scalp. This makes it dry and itchy. You can try using dry shampoo instead of shampooing often. It hydrates your hair and also gives them a shiny look.

  • No loose hair: NGL, we all love showing our straight, curly or wavy hair by leaving them down.  Great pictures NEED to have open hair. But, this shouldn’t be there in summers when your hair can be easily damaged by excess sunlight. 

In case you are leaving for a ride on your bike to enjoy the sun, visiting the beach, going for a brunch or a picnic, try to cover your hair.

Try wearing a hat or cap to protect your gorgeous hair. 

  • Use Hair Sunscreen: Always protect your hair from getting damaged by using sunscreen. Yes, people, it exists! It prevents your skin from absorbing the harmful UV rays of the sun. All you need to do is look for hair products that contain sunscreen. Whether it’s your shampoo, conditioner, serum or mask- make sure that they all contain sunscreen. Check the ingredients mentioned before buying.

You can also choose to research a suitable product online before buying. Protect your hair from sun-attack today!

  • Avoid swimming damage: No matter your hair color or type, all of us have faced the fate of dry, straw-like hair immediately after a swim. This happens because the beach water has high salt content while pool water is high in chlorine. In both cases, we are left with frizzy and unmanageable hair.

However, no need to worry, folks! Simply remember to wash your hair with fresh water from the tap before you dive in. this improves your hair’s water retention.

  • Avoid tight hairstyles: The glorious summers often force us into pulling our hair into an extra-tight bun. Additionally, the sweat is beyond annoying! This stops your hair from brushing your face and turning into a mish-mash of sweat. However, my friend, this is downright hair-torture! Give your hair some room to breathe in a loose bun or ponytail.

Go for any loose hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your way without damaging or breaking ‘em. You can braid your hair in a million ways! This keeps them away from your face. 

In addition, they don’t stick to your neck and make you irritable.

  • Don’t miss out on your hair trimming appointment: Getting your hair trimmed becomes significant especially during summertime.

This is because brutal summers mean dry hair. This dry hair is more likely to break and your tips are more vulnerable to getting split. Split ends make your hair look unmanageable and frizzy.

However, you can avoid this using a simple solution- visiting your hairdresser on time! Trimming will make your hair split-ends free and gorgeous!

Go out for a trim followed by a fun day-out today!

  • Choose the right shampoo: We all spend a ton of time deciding the correct shampoo for our lovely hair. 

Should I use the one that prevents hair fall? Or the one that guarantees straight hair? Or maybe the one that is great for dry hair? What if I need them all in one? Such questions often confuse all of us. Nut, there is no need to worry and overthink! We really can’t control and humidity or dust in the environment. But, what we can control is using chemical-free, vegan shampoos that are cruelty-free and nourish your hair too! 

Try going for a light and gentle shampoo that doesn’t harm your hair. 

  • Use a correct conditioning technique: A majority of women use the wrong hair conditioning technique.

The way you condition your hair determines how well it will retain the nourishment from the conditioner. The correct way to condition your hair is to wash out all the shampoo thoroughly from your hair. Next, make sure that you only apply the conditioner to the tips of your hair.

Applying it to your scalp is not effective can cause irritation. Try our expert technique today and get straight gorgeous hair!

  • Oil your hair regularly: NGL, your grandma is definitely right when she says that there is nothing better for your hair than a rigorous but gentle oil massage!
  • Oiling your hair is like treating it to a vacation in Hawaii! This reduces hair fall and improves the blood circulation of your scalp. In addition, oiling with coconut or almond oil repairs your gnarly split ends and nourishes your hair.

Take out time at least once a week (a weekend is a great idea!) to apply oil on your hair. Leave the oil at least for an hour before washing it off completely.

Oil your way to gorgeous hair today!

  •  Reduce Hair Damage: You can reduce your hair damage at the swish of a wand, people!
  • All you need to do is stop doing everything that damages your hair. Don’t use excessive styling products as they don’t wash out easily and continue to stay in your hair as residue.

Try to reduce your use of curling or straightening irons and even hair dryers. The heat of such products can damage your hair as well as scalp. Instead, dry your hair with a towel gently. Use gentle hair products that suit your hair type instead of strong, perfumed items. Simply let your hair be. Restore your hair to its former beauty today!