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Rejuvenate the colour, feel, and look of your beard with Vegetal Bio Colour for Beard

Coloring your beard hair is now going to be so easy and nourishing. You can provide the lustrous black color to your beard with a motherly touch of natural nourishment. Vegetal Bio Colour for Beard is your companion for nourishing your beard along with providing your beard with an attractive colorful look.

How can Vegetal Bio Colour for beard be effective for the purpose?

The Vegetal Beard Colour is made from 100% natural ingredients such as Shikakai, Indigo, Brahmi, and Manjistha. Its natural integrity makes it more efficient and effective for the purpose. Along with providing maximum coverage to your beard hair, it nourishes your beard hair and the skin underneath. Vegetal Bio Colour for Beard is 100% free from toxic chemicals like Ammonia, PPD, Paraben, and Peroxide.

In addition to the natural nourishment, this beard colour also provides complete protection from harmful UV rays of the sun. It also protects beard and mustache hair from dust, dirt, and other external pollution.

Let’s look at the benefits of its natural ingredients-

Shikakai– It is highly effective for scalp ailments. It also helps in growing your hair faster and healthier. Therefore, it gives natural strength and growth to your beard and mustache hair.

Indigo– This ingredient protects the beard and mustache hair from premature greying. It also empowers the growth of new hair. Dandruff is one of the common issues of having a thick beard but Indigo can help restrict the dandruff formation and provide the natural conditioning to beard hair and mustache.

Brahmi– Brahmi is the natural healer of overall hair condition. It improves the quality of beard hair and cleanses the skin underneath. The presence of this natural ingredient makes this beard colour more impactful and effective.

Manjistha– Manjistha helps in reducing the pace of hair-greying. Along with restricting the hair-greying, it improves the natural colour of beard hair. It also helps in restricting excessive dryness and hair fall.

Vegetal Bio Colour for Beard is providing the needed shift to the conventional beard and mustache colouring. Now, you can take advantage of 100% natural colouring and nourishment for your beard and mustache.

What is your benefit for preferring Vegetal Beard Colour?

The pollution levels are constantly rising. They are not just affecting the ecosystem but the natural harmony of your health as well. Your hair is also facing the heat of constantly increasing pollution levels. Your beard and mustache hair also become the sufferer. Using hair colour products loaded with toxic chemicals may devastate the hair quality and may also cause skin irritation and allergies.

This is why preferring Vegetal Beard Colour can be highly effective for the look, feel, and nourishment of your beard and mustache. It is enriched with the ECOCERT certified organic ingredients that provide the desired nourishment to your facial hair. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this beard colour

The richness of 100% Natural Ingredients– Being 100% natural and pure is the signature of our authenticity and sustainable endeavor. Vegetal Beard Color is 100% free from toxic chemicals that may harm the natural look and feel of your beard. It is enriched with bio-active ingredients which are extremely effective for a healthy scalp and hair care. Therefore, choosing this beard colour can nurture your beard hair and the skin underneath.

0% Toxic Chemicals– It has 0% Ammonia, 0% Peroxide, 0% PPD. The Vegetal Beard Color is 100% free from the presence of toxic chemicals. It is fully loaded with natural ingredients that are highly productive and safe to use. This hair colour is an environment-friendly product that makes your beard and mustache look stunningly colourful.

Complete Nourishment for Beard and Mustache Hair– The Vegetal Beard Color has the perfect combination of natural Indian herbs such as Indigo, Brahmi, Shikakai, Majistha which helps in rebuilding and nourishing the damaged beard hair and also empowering the skin underneath the beard and mustache. The medicinal healing tendency of Indigo, Brahmi, and Shikakai also helps in improving hair quality and growth.

Safeguards from harmful UV RaysVegetal Beard Colour protects your beard and mustache hair from harmful UV radiation. Rather than avoiding the sun completely, get ready to face the sun with the conviction of natural care and nourishment of this beard colour. It protects your beard and mustache hair from getting dry and frizzy. Now, you can face the sun with confidence, and without worrying about damaging your beard and mustache hair.

Exclusively Hypoallergenic– If you are subject to any skin (scalp) allergies and witnessed any allergic reaction previously, then you should go for our natural ingredient-based Vegetal Beard Color. Due to 0% Ammonia, 0% Peroxide and 0% PPD, this beard color is completely Hypoallergenic that helps in preventing allergic reactions and treats sensitive hair and skin types exceedingly well.

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free– It is human or animal, every life is important for us. This is why we never test any of our products on animals. We are one of those entities which never test its products on animals. We would proudly like to mention that we make 100% vegan and cruelty-free products for the absolute care of your hair, skin and body.

INDIGO 60%, MEHNDI 18%, KHAR 2%, MANJISTHA 6%, COFFEE 3%, SHIKAKAI 3%, AMLA 2%, BHANGRA 1%, BRAHMI 1%. This is the blend of natural ingredients we use in this beard colour. You can give the dreamed premium look to your beard by using Vegetal Beard Color along with enriching it with natural nourishment and care.

Choosing a natural beard colour for covering the grey hair can add more value to your choice. Along with covering the grey hair, this product also rejuvenates the skin underneath and improves the quality and density of beard and mustache hair. Get ready to amaze the world with your scintillating beard by coloring it with Vegetal Beard Color and be natural with your looks and choices. You will feel and admire the difference of natural nourishment