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How many types of Pedicures?

Taking proper care of the feet is as important as any other part of the body. For this purpose, many people opt for a pedicure kit, which involves services like trimming and cutting of the toenails, cuticle care, feet exfoliation, massage, and even nail coloring. Not only does this process clean the feet properly, but it also helps with stress relief. 

Currently, there are different types of pedicure treatment available for clients to choose from. You should select one as per your preference, with the help of certified salon specialists. 

Why do you need a regular pedicure?

There are many ways in which opting for a pedicure service would benefit you. They are as follows. 

  • Keeping those feet clean and healthy

The feet get exposed to a high amount of dirt daily. They accumulate in the crevices of the toes where fungus and bacteria grow over time. As a result, people are more likely to get an infection. 

In this context, a pedicure kit is beneficial for carefully exfoliating the feet area. Reliable specialists from top salons carry out this service in a clean area with well-sterilized tools.

  • Maintaining the skin smoothness through moisturizing

Pedicure is useful for hydrating the dried-up skin in the feet and to avoid the heel from getting too rough. The products used during the procedure moisturize the feet thoroughly. Therefore, your feet would feel softer, healthier, and you would get less itchiness after going for a pedicure session.

  • Improving blood flow

Many of the professionals offer foot massages during this procedure. These activities are effective in removing any tension and tightness from the calves and feet area. Typically, the professionals carefully knead the stress points which relieves pain from the spot. 

Also, the pressure applied boosts blood circulation in the area; this is good for the overall health. 

  • Exfoliation of feet

The skin cells in the body have a limited lifespan. Indeed, the skin sheds many dead skin cells daily. Without proper cleaning, the dead cells would deposit in the upper dermis layers, and turn into painful spots. 

  • In the feet, the accumulated dead skin cells form into feet-corns and bunions. To avoid this, professionals suggest regular exfoliation. 
  • With this technique, the salon specialists remove the dead skin cells more smoothly and the skin can breathe better. 
  • Get rid of Calluses

Too much exposure to hard surfaces can result in calluses in the feet. While people are walking around, the friction causes the skin to become rough and calloused. Here, getting a regular pedicure message would flatten the underparts of your feet properly. 

  • Save yourself from ingrown toenails

Many people suffer from a condition called onychogryphosis. This involves the edges of the toenails growing inward into the skin instead of outward. Commonly, athletes notice this problem. 

Mostly, this is a painful condition and can even occur for a person who wears the wrong footwear daily. So, get a pedicure regularly from professionals who would correctly trim the toenails to prevent this ingrowth. 

Different types of pedicures you can get at Zoylee

you would get access to many reliable professionals who have trained in different varieties of pedicure services. You can choose out of the following options. 

  • Standard pedicure

This is the most common version where clients have to soak their feet in warm water. After the skin swells up slightly, the specialists scrub excess dirt and dead skin cells off. Then, they trim the nails, shape the edges, and skin outgrowth near the nails. 

  • Gel Pedicure

Here, the procedure follows the steps of the standard pedicure, with a variation in the nail coloring step. Here, the specialists apply gel nail polish and use a machine with UV rays to harden the gel. 

  • French Pedicure

After following the standard nail care steps, the beauty care professional applies a transparent nail polish for the foundation. Then, they add a thin strip of white nail polish at the tips. 

  • Pedicure using hot stones

For proper foot nourishment, salon specialists handle the standard process and apply feet masks, too. Also, they scrub the feet and wrap them with a warm towel, keeping it that way for some minutes. 

Then, the specialists give a foot massage with aromatic essential oils and warm stones for relaxation and pain relief. 

  • Fish Pedicure

In this version, customers soak their feet in a small aquarium with tiny fishes. They gather in swarms and scrub the dead skin cells and impurities off. 

  • Spa pedicure

Besides the standard procedure-related steps, the professionals also offer services like feet scrubbing and soaking. Plus, they give foot massages with aromatherapy oils. 

  • Salt Pedicure

The salon care experts use small marbles and sea salt to scrub off the dead skin and dirt. Here, one needs to soak their feet in a mixture of warm water and salt for fifteen minutes beforehand. 

  • Rose Pedicure 

The specialists cover the client’s feet with rose petals and then soak them in warm water. Later, they scrub the petals off and continue with the standard pedicure steps.

  • Chocolate pedicure

Here, the salon experts soak the feet completely with warm chocolate for moisturization and as an antioxidant. Then, they wash the chocolate off and use scrubbers to clean the feet. Later, they provide a foot massage with aromatherapy oils and apply nail polish. 

  • Waterless pedicure

Here, the specialists exchange water with disinfectant spray and then wrap the feet with a warm towel. After some time, they soak the wrapped feet in with some of the spray. Next, the professionals follow the standard version steps. 

How to book a pedicure session with Zoylee

To book a pedicure session for yourself, first, download the Online salon booking app- Zoylee. Sign up for an account and then select the salon you prefer from a list of vendors under the category. Later, choose the service and press on “proceed”. 

Afterward, add the time and date preference and complete the payment in the next slide. Zoylee delivers billing details for verification; you can click “confirm” afterward to set the appointment. 


Overall, a pedicure is a useful procedure for keeping your feet germ-free and healthy. For the best results though, only take help from the best-certified specialists and choose the service they offer after careful deliberation.