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Dark Circles Under The Eyes – Causes And Treatments

The skin under the eyes is one of the thinnest and most delicate areas of the human body. The area is exceptionally susceptible to dark circles, puffiness, eye bags, rings, and shadows. However, dark circles are the most common problem under the lower eyelids for both men and women. Eye bags and puffiness also typically accompany dark circles and make you appear older.

If left untreated, they can become quite noticeable and more difficult to get rid of and treat with time. Before we move on to how to treat dark circles, it’s best to understand dark circles’ causes. Yes, natural dark circles cream works well for most people and is highly recommended for its natural and non-toxic properties. But before that, let’s look at the causes and how to minimize them.

Causes of Dark Circles

⦁ Fatigue

Lack of sleep, extreme fatigue, or even staying a couple of hours past bedtime can cause dark circles. Oversleeping is another cause of fatigue, which may lead to the formation of dark circles over time. Sleep deprivation typically causes the skin to become pale and dull, causing the blood vessels and dark tissues underneath the skin to show. Fatigue triggered by lack of sleep can also cause fluid build-up under the eyes, causing the eyes to appear puffy.

⦁ Age

Aging is a common cause of dark circles beneath the eyes. With age, the skin naturally becomes thinner and more so under the eyes. There’s a loss of fat and collagen, which causes the skin to lose its elasticity. These dark blood vessels become more visible with time, causing the area below the eyes to darken.

⦁ Poor Circulation

Since the skin under the eye is thin and weak, the dark circles under the eyes can also be because of blood that is low in oxygen. One of the reasons for dark circles to appear is because of veins carrying deoxygenated blood that’s typically blue-hued, hence, why the under-eye area has a darker appearance.

⦁ Dehydration

Yes, the lack of water in your system can lead to dark circles. When your body is not receiving enough water, the skin is the first area to show that sign. The under-eye area being the thinnest is the first one to start looking dull and give out the feeling of sunken eyes.

⦁ Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is the most significant cause of pigmentation as it causes the body to produce excess melanin – the pigment that imparts color to the skin. When exposed to the sun for a prolonged period without any protection, such as sunscreen, it’s natural to get pigmentation around the surrounding skin, especially the eyes.

What Are The Treatment Options for Dark Circles?

⦁ Topical Creams

Dark circle cream is the go-to treatment option when it comes to curing this problem. There are various creams available, depending on the key actives or ingredients. Some are chemical bases, while others are based on natural ingredients. Considering the eye area is already sensitive, it’s best to resort to natural creams or creams made with natural ingredients.

Mamaearth Under Eye Crème and Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles are two creams you can include in your skincare regime to reduce dark circles. Formulated with Cucumber and Caffeine’s natural goodness, Under Eye Crème fades dark circles, reduces eye bags and puffiness for a visibly replenished look. It has Cucumber, that’s known to brighten the pigmented surface, reducing dark circles and imparting a fresh, bright & visibly radiant look. The amalgamation of White Lily and Coffee color-corrects the eye area and helps achieve age-defying eyes. Further, Mamaearth is an entirely non-toxic brand and is also plastic-positive and cruelty-free.

⦁ Slee

Maintaining is strict sleep schedule is important if you want to cure dark circles. Besides the application of dark circle cream, a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is critical to fade dark circles.

⦁ Cold Compress

Without going the chemical way or using a laser or other peels, there are ways to reduce and lighten under-eye dark circles. With regular application of dark circle cream, do include cold compress treatment. It reduces swelling and shrinks dilated blood vessels, which can fade the appearance of dark circles. Just wrap a couple of ice cubes in a clean washcloth and apply on the eyes for 10 to 20 minutes. It helps awaken the eyes and lighten the dark circles.

Dark circles are a fairly common skincare concern and are being seen in more and more people. Make sure to eat healthily, sleep well, and limit screen-time. Keep yourself hydrated and use a dark circle cream early on to keep under eyes in the best shape!

How to Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes
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How to Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes
owever, dark circles are the most common problem under the lower eyelids for both men and women. Eye bags and puffiness also typically accompany dark circles and make you appear older.
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