botox tips for your face

6 aftercare botox tips for your face 

Everyone is aware that botox is the most popular treatment at present whenever it’s about reducing your skin-related worries. Be it scars, wrinkles, fine lines, excessive sweating, or even a severe issue such as migraine; botox is people’s only remedy these days. No one likes to witness a blot on one’s personality no matter what. 

People did not have such cosmetic treatments at their disposal and used natural homemade remedies back in time. But things have gotten more advanced now. People have the superior quality botox treatment with themselves, which can take away all your worries at once and leave you with glowing skin. 

But with botox, there are some aftercare tips also which are crucial for everyone to abide by. Otherwise, you may not get the expected outcomes. If you want to have the full worth and excellent results out of botox, then ask your physician about the aftercare tips and what to do after botox, and whatnot. Let us also discover some botox aftercare tips for your face. 

Botox aftercare tips 

The sole purpose of botox is to give you optimum results. But for this, you cannot solely rely on the physician as you also have to take care of yourself. It’s better to ask your physician about the aftercare instructions for your face so that you get the best results, as no one can guide you better than the physician performing the treatment upon you. Let us know some of the great aftercare tips for your face. 

Exercise your face 

No physician will advise you to go for a hard and strenuous workout as it increases your blood pressure and may tire you. Due to this only, one should not indulge in a hard workout. But the physicians do recommend you try some light facial exercises like smiling, frowning, and others as it will help deliver you the best results. Consequently, be mindful of little things while exercising your face, as this might lead you to bruises and redness if you do it hard. 

Never rub or massage your face. 

It is normal for people to have their trouble areas but no worries as you can target those trouble-prone areas with the help of the botox treatment. But merely having your botox session won’t help as you have to abide by the aftercare instructions. One of the botox aftercare instructions meant for you is to never rub or massage your face, especially right after your botox session. 

It is because physicians advise you not to exert any pressure on the treated area for some time as it runs you at risk of having bruises, redness, swelling, and other such side effects. Going this way, you’ll be in great shape. 

No painkillers 

Usually, not much pain is felt by people, but some people do complain of experiencing some mild pain after having their botox session. If you feel some pain, it does not mean that you start taking painkillers to get relief from it. Before taking any medications or painkillers by yourself, it is highly advisable to ask your physician about the same. 

Instead of taking medications, you might resort to some numbing cream to ease out the discomfort but refrain from taking the medications. If you are experiencing some bruising, you can apply an ice pack and be at ease. But only take the painkillers after your physician prescribes you. 

Avoid touching the face.

For at least 1 day after the botox treatment, you should avoid touching the face as it runs you at risk of spreading the toxin into other areas. Some physicians ask you to wait for several days. Usually, people get the treatment on their faces, but some also get it done in other areas. Likewise, no professional massages should be done on the treated areas. If you are willing for a massage, then schedule it after several days. 

Avoid other skin-related treatments. 

Be it any treatment, even botox, it needs some time to settle into your muscle. Disrupting the botox treatment by availing of other skin treatments in between might disturb your botox treatment results. Numerous people resort to facials, facial massages, scrubs, and dermal fillers amid their botox sessions. Such people ruin the entire botox session as these treatments reduce the effectiveness of botox injections. 

Keep your face away from the sun. 

After botox sessions, stepping out in the sun becomes a big issue because your skin turns super sensitive afterward. Due to this only, the physicians advise you not to step out in the sun unless it’s an emergency. Even if you need to go out, you should apply sunscreen first and then go ahead. Along with the direct sun exposure, you should avoid the saunas, hot bathtubs, and other things which get you closer to bruises, redness, and swelling. 

Never sleep on the treated area side. 

On the side on which you get the botox injections, avoid sleeping on that very side for some days after the botox session. It will minimize the physical pressure, and one should give some time to botox to settle into your body. Consequently, if you do not want to experience side effects like redness, swelling, and bruises, avoid sleeping in the treated area for some hours to get the full worth of the botox treatment. 


This information is enough to give you an idea of- what to do after botox. If you have excellent options, stick to these aftercare instructions and get your dream skin.