Car Polish vs. Car Wax

Car Polish vs. Car Wax: Know the Difference

  • When Should You Use What?

Most of us truly love our cars and want to keep the exterior of the car in great condition. Frequent cleaning and maintenance is one step that helps in prolonging the life of the exterior of the Car. To keep our car’s exterior in top condition, we need to either ‘Polish’ or ‘Wax’ the car. Many of us may use these terms interchangeably, however, they are entirely different and have different functions.
To help you decide on which one is suitable for you, let us see the benefits and functions of both of them.

  • Car Polish:

Are you looking for a long term solution for the blemishes, mild scratches and watermarks on the surface of your car? If yes, polishing your car is the way to go.

The polish creates a mild erosive or abrasive effect on the surface of the car, this in turn results in the disappearance of surface defects as a mild layer of paint is removed from the body of the car. Although polishes are abrasive, the action exerted by them is very mild and does no damage to the body of the car. One polish job on the car will last as long as new scratches don’t occur.

  • Car Wax:

The mechanism of action of car wax is the exact opposite of car polish. When the wax is applied to the surface of the car it fills in blemishes and scratches, which in turn blend in with the façade of the car. To be most effective waxing should be done two to four times a year. While waxing does work well on its own, it works best when it is used in conjunction with polishing. The car should be polished first and the wax should be applied to maintain the effect of polishing for an extended period of time.

  • What Should You Do?

First and foremost, you should purchase good car polish and wax. These are available in online car accessories stores. The car needs to be thoroughly cleaned by hand before polishing is commenced. The polish works better when the surface of the car is clean. Avoid high-pressure washes as they may result in swirl marks and added damage to the surface of the car.
A combination of waxing and polishing does a great deal of good to your car. Remember that they work in tandem in making your car look great and aren’t alternatives for each other.