6 Things That You Don't Know About the Ladies Cycles

6 Things That You Don’t Know About the Ladies Cycles

Cycling is not just an efficient mode of transportation. It’s a great option to work out and explore new areas and create a zero-carbon footprint. Cycling is beneficial for women who struggle to find time for fitness activities in their busy schedules. 

Choosing the proper ladies’ cycles is not as easy as checking the cycle for men prices, but we are here to help. Let’s take a closer look at some crucial factors that you must be aware of before purchasing the best ladies’ cycles online:

Ladies Cycles Size

The frame’s size represents the sizes of ladies’ cycles in centimetres. The smaller sizes like 38.1 centimetres or 39.3 centimetres are typically designed for women and are only available on ladies’ cycles. Remember that similar to clothing brands. Sizes can differ from one ladies’ cycles brand to the next. It is best to take your measurements and refer to the size chart of your cycle manufacturer. The size of your bike is based on your leg inseam and your height.

Ladies Cycles Handlebars

Because women have smaller shoulders than men, it makes complete sense that ladies’ cycles should also feature narrower handlebars. Distance between saddles and handlebars is also less on ladies’ cycles in comparison to those made for men to compensate for the difference in dimensions.

Ladies Cycles’ Top Tube

The top tube on the majority of bikes for men is horizontal, making it difficult for females to climb to and from those bicycles for men. On the other hand, ladies’ cycles typically feature the lower top tube or one that slopes downwards towards the seating position.

Ladies Cycles’ Shock Tune

Since female riders are not as heavy as the male riders in terms of body weight, the ladies’ cycles are specifically designed keeping this weight difference in mind. The ladies’ cycles tend to come with lighter shock tunes. You might not notice the difference if you opt for ladies’ cycles for roads; however, the difference is very much visible when using mountain bikes.

Ladies Cycles’ Gears

Are you looking for the best ladies’ cycles with multiple gears but unsure how to find the best number of gears to fit in your bike?

It all depends on the terrain that you’ll be traversing and your level of fitness. If you intend to tackle hilly terrains, you’ll need additional gears to enable you to navigate these difficult terrains without difficulty. 

A greater number of gears can also allow you to ride more easily if you are a novice. If you’re proficient and a skilled cyclist or predominantly cycling on smooth surfaces, then a ladies’ cycle with fewer gears is the best choice for you.

Most Popular Ladies Cycle

The most popular cycles commonly used by females are the road bikes like the name suggests they are best suited for roads. They tend to be on the lighter side with slimmer tyres and drop handlebars. Some users feel that larger tyres can help navigate corners and turn better. The right size tyre for your needs is essential to attain the maximum speed. Road bikes shouldn’t be used on dirt roads; neither are they designed to transport heavy loads.

Although the online shopping option is not the first thought that comes to mind while purchasing ladies’ cycles, still it can be an excellent choice. If you follow the size chart supplied by the dealer, you can easily buy the bike that will fit you perfectly. Additionally, you will get access to a more extensive selection of bicycles. 

Just like the cycle for men prices, ladies’ cycles are also available for cheaper on online stores. The bicycle for women you choose must be durable and sturdy enough to provide the best levels of comfort when riding it. Check out every part of women’s bicycles thoroughly and evaluate each bike’s attributes and performance to other bikes to make an informed choice.

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