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Need a successful business idea? Here are 15+ ideas

In today’s era, there are most business-minded people than the ones who seek jobs. But starting a business is not that easy. It requires a lot of patience and calmness.  If you want to start your business and don’t have any idea which business will do well for you? Then you are at the right […]

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

Top 5 Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a powerful therapeutic technique that can help relieve pain and restore mobility in your muscles, improve circulation to your joints, and balance the fluid in your body. It’s also been shown to reduce muscle spasms and swelling while reducing tension headaches. Deep tissue massage is one of the most effective ways […]

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook The Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment For Leucoderma

Vitiligo or leucoderma is a harmful medical condition that leads to the appearance of white patches all over the skin. It basically occurs due to the loss of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin, eyes, and hair color. The biggest issue with this problem is that its exact cause is not known in any part of the world. So, most of the treatments referred to this problem are on a hit and trial basis. Some believe that is a heredity-based disease while some believe it is caused by a disturbance in the immune system. And then there are some who state both these causes as two of the many causes that contribute to the development of this condition.  Leucoderma is more related to the cosmetic part of the body than the other way round. It is not painful or physically discomforting in any way, however, if it is not arrested in its initial phase it may soon spread to the whole body causing loss of melanin from skin and hair altogether. It can be a dangerous condition because melanin protects our bodies from the harmful effects of UV rays present in sunlight. Excess exposure to UV can be harmful to people with less or no melanin as it increases their vulnerability to skin cancer.  Apart from that, it can have a huge emotional and psychological effect on the patient. If the person suffering from leucoderma is in teens or smaller than that, they may face social awkwardness in schools or colleges. Their self-esteem and confidence may hit a low if they face discrimination or namecalling of any kind due to their condition. The significance of correct leucoderma ayurvedic treatment cannot be denied due to these reasons.  The Ayurvedic texts refer to this problem as  “Shwitra” or “Kilaas” which is not contagious in any way. Lack of education and awareness causes people to form superstitions about this disease which often leads to meaningless bullying and discrimination of vitiligo patients. Ayurveda takes a very rational and scientific approach to this problem. And the best part is, it understands the originating cause of this disease.  The Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo includes several herbal formulations like Arogya Vardhini, Krumimudgar Rasa, Krumikuthaar rasa, arogya vardhini, and several others. Alongside, there are a number of herbal medicines used to treat the condition internally, these include Triphala, Vidanga, Saariva, Manjishtha, Haridra, etc. Medicinal herbs like brahmi and bavachi have a very special application in leucoderma ayurvedic treatment. Bavachi is used over the skin in the form of paste or oil and then the affected parts are exposed to sunlight for a few minutes. This needs to be carried out under the strict supervision of doctors and experts, so one must stay away from trying any such thing by themselves. Exposure to the sun also needs to be carried out at a specific time of the day. The doctor may administer the medicine in the form of a tablet or powder.  Apart from this, the patients need to undergo regular sessions of Panchakarma therapies to detoxify their bodies inside out. Bloodletting is one of the most common practices used in the natural leucoderma ayurvedic treatment. During the treatment or even for some time after its completion, the patient needs to stick to a simple vegetarian diet. Spicy, fried, junk, and very heavy food is prohibited for leucoderma patients. They also need to stay away from unnatural combinations of food items like pickles with milk, milk with buttermilk, milk, and fish, etc. Their schedule also needs to be stress-free and simple.  It is a long term treatment that may need 3-18 months. The duration of the treatment depends on the extent of vitiation of the controlling energies of the body - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It also depends on the extent of disturbance of the immune system. For example, a person suffering from widespread vitiligo may respond quickly to the treatment as compared to those who just have a few spots.  Leucoderma patients need to practice meditation and yoga every day to ensure the normal functioning of their bodies. It keeps them strong and active psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Yoga can be very beneficial in battling the depression and anxiety that settles in due to the uneven skin tone.

How Yoga Helps In Relieving Anxiety From Your Body And Mind?

Dialysis tips health guest post

What are the complications of dialysis?

Indeed, dialysis is a life-saving intervention in place of your healthy kidneys when they get damaged and stop purifying blood. But if you think that dialysis is the safest last resort to save your life, you need to give it a second thought. Dialysis surely can add a few more years to your life, but […]

Importance of a balanced diet | lose weight

Diet for weight loss: 6 basic steps to consider for weight loss

Pharmacology of CBD

The Pharmacology of CBD

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California Cannabis & Marijuana License

Know All About California Cannabis & Marijuana License

Voters passed also the Adult Use of Marijuana Act in 2016. This act legalized recreational marijuana use.  However, people had grown cannabis in California since 1850. They were for recreational use. It was till California prohibited cannabis use. Thus, California became the first state in 1913 prohibiting cannabis by law. Restrictions for Cannabis Use in California Though cannabis use is legal in California, restrictions are legal too. For example, commercial activities are not legal in all counties and cities. Commercial activities include marijuana manufacturing, cultivation, or retail. Because there are incorporating cities. Incorporating cities have their own rules and regulations. Hence, there are

How & Why Solar Eclipses Happen?

A solar eclipse is one of the magnificent astronomical events that happen once in a while. It is not specified how often solar eclipse occurs in a year. But it usually happens at least twice a year.  There used to be a lot of myths about solar eclipse back when people had no scientific knowledge. The solar eclipse has also been viewed as a forecast of something harmful or destructive event. For example- the Greeks used to think of solar eclipse as a punishment. They used to think the solar eclipse as a foreteller of the punishment that their king might
What is Solar Eclipse, and why it happens?
HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR STORAGE UNIT - letsaskme home improvement blogs


Organizing the space effectively in storage units doesn’t sound like a Herculean task, but is definitely one you should be undertaking before calling the moving company. Not only is this an effective way of storing your belongings for a short or long term period, but can also prove to be a vital step before, during or after you are moving out! Making sure to track, plan and organize the storage unit before handing over your possessions to a storage company is always the best call to make!  Lists, Lists, Lists Marie Kondo swears by these and so should you! In the flurry
techniques to manage your trading losses

5 easy techniques to manage your trading losses

In Forex, you will not be able to avoid the loss as it will happen to everyone. So, it is better if traders learn to deal with this. But most investors are not able to take the bad results. Because of this, they become aggressive and make illogical decisions which ultimately leads them in the wrong direction. To eliminate this circumstance, people are required to adopt some techniques to deal with these difficulties. Let’s learn about these.   Analyze Your Choice When you make any decision, you should try to analyze it properly. Before implementing any new strategy, investors should monitor the current

7 Reasons to Try Zip-lining with your kids

Zip-lining may seem like an activity only the adrenaline junkies among us try out. You may even picture a zipline only possible in the middle of the rainforest out in Costa Rica’s and Australia’s of the world.  But the reality is that you can zip-line pretty much anywhere, in places like adventure parks. If you need a reason to come and visit with your family, and try your hand at zip-lining, just read on.  It’s a great exercise First and foremost, zip lining is a great form of exercise. You can really get your heart rate up and have an awesome time too. From
7 Reasons To Try Zip-Lining With Your Kids - letsaskme
Top 10 Best Survival Machete - letsaskme

Best Survival Machete – Best Self Defense Weapon

Ever watched the movie machete kills? If yes, then you know what the best survival machete is capable of. It is a weapon that lies in between a sword and a dagger. The weapon has a small handle that provides for excellent control, and it has a long and wide blade that makes your task easy. While outdoors, you must keep yourself equipped with the right type of weapon so that you may protect yourself and your loved ones. Although the Machete is more significant in size and cannot be carried outdoors with ease, yet you can carry the weapon to the wilds and can have a great experience. The

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Top 10 Places To Visit In India

Top 10 Places To Visit In India

Taj Mahal, Agra One of the seven wonders in the world, the Taj Mahal, obviously makes for the top 10 list of tourist destinations in India. This marble beauty which almost took over 20 years for 20,000 workers to craft is indeed a mesmerizing sight. The Indo-Islamic Mughal architecture is studded with precious stones and […]

Fly Cheap: Tips For Booking Cheap Plane Tickets

Fly Cheap: Tips for Booking Cheap Plane Tickets

Flight is the fastest mode to reach the destinations, but sometimes it is not the cheapest. Sometimes it puts a burden on your pocket and it dis-balances your travel budget. However, there is no choice but to fly if you want to travel abroad, reduce travel times, and travel comfortably. In emergency situations, the flight […]

ravel Agency Guides

Guide To Travel Agency Guides

Rate this book according to its contents: “The Power of Travel.” Travel has become one of the most popular activities among people of all ages. Almost everyone travels; even those who don’t like to travel have at least considered going. Some of the people who travel regularly include businessmen, salespeople, and vacationers. Travel agency guide […]

5 Tips on Traveling in Miami for New Visitors

5 Tips on Traveling in Miami for New Visitors

In 2018 a record-breaking 23.3 million people visited Miami. And while travel has been quiet during the pandemic, there’s no doubt that Miami will always be one of the most popular destinations in America. With pristine beaches, unparalleled nightlife, and an atmosphere of glitz and glamor, it’s easy to see why Miami is so popular.  […]

Best Lesser-Known Himalayan Treks

Best Lesser-Known Himalayan Treks

The young fold mountains of the Himalayas are a rich cluster of mountains in the northern parts of the country of India and also the nearby countries namely Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. the range has the privilege to call itself home to some of the highest peaks in the entire world. The mountains are also […]

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Vail Airport Shuttle & Transportation

The drive from Vail to Denver can take about two and a half hours depending on temperature or weather. It is recommended that you arrive at Denver International Airport (DIA) at least 90 minutes prior to departure time and return home anywhere in the world. Limo Lux will let you know when your airline will […]